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Hong Kong Police Have Detained The Organizers Of Last Year's Protests

Hong Kong Police Have Detained The Organizers Of Last Year's Protests

Hong Kong police detained 14 opposition figures on Saturday over their involvement in last year's anti-government protests. This was reported by the South China Morning Post newspaper.

Among those detained are Jimmy Lai, a media magnate and owner of the Pingo Zhibao newspaper, Martin Lee, 81, a human rights activist and veteran of the struggle for Hong Kong democracy, and Albert Ho, a political activist. These people are considered by Beijing to be the main organizers of anti-government unrest in Hong Kong, claiming that they maintain ties with political circles in the United States.

Several former lawmakers are also among those detained. According to the newspaper, they were taken to different police stations. They may be charged with participating in illegal mass protests in August and October 2019.

In June 2019, unrest broke out in Hong Kong against the intention of local authorities to pass an extradition bill allowing offenders to be extradited to mainland China. Despite the withdrawal of this legislative initiative, opposition supporters continued their anti-government protests, which were accompanied by roadblocks, violence, arson, and acts of vandalism. In total, the police detained 7.6 thousand rioters. Since mid-November, the situation in the city has normalized, rallies have declined and started to take place in a peaceful manner.

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