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Ellen DeGeneres Promised To Change The Situation After Complaints From Her Show's Employees About Racism

Ellen DeGeneres Promised To Change The Situation After Complaints From Her Show's Employees About Racism

American actress and TV host Ellen DeGeneres, concerning the show which the media holding WarnerMedia began checking because of staff discrimination, apologized to employees and promised to change the current situation, in which there were possible manifestations of racism and illegal dismissals, according to NYT.

The TV presenter noted that due to the increase in the scale of her TV show, she was forced to entrust the solution of some tasks to other people who did not cope with their duties. "That will change now, and I am determined not to let [the employee discrimination situation] happen again," DeGeneres assured.

"Along with Warner Bros., we immediately launched an internal investigation and are also taking measures to resolve the problems," the TV presenter said.

The magazine reported on July 28 that WarnerMedia is conducting a review of the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" for discriminatory treatment of the staff involved in its preparation. According to the publication, several former members of the film crew complained about illegal dismissals and allowed them to make racist statements.

The Ellen DeGeneres show has been on television since 2003. During its existence, the program won an Emmy award 61 times in various categories, including "outstanding talk show."

After this publication, the Executive producers of the program, Ed Glavin, Andy Lassner, and Mary Connelly, rushed to take responsibility for everything that happens on the site and promised to do "work on mistakes." Such a quick reaction to "criticism" is primarily since after the actual murder of an African-American George Floyd by police in Minneapolis (Minnesota), in May, the racial problem in the United States has again sharply escalated, and an accusation of racism can put an end to the career of even the most authoritative public figure, politician, government official or journalist in the country.

Police in Minneapolis when they arrested Floyd on May 25 used a hard chokehold, after which he soon died in the hospital. All four police officers involved in his arrest have been dismissed and charged. Floyd's death triggered mass protests and riots across the country, some of which continue to this day.

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