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Swiss ABB Launches A Cloud Analytics Platform Based On Microsoft Azure

Swiss ABB Launches A Cloud Analytics Platform Based On Microsoft Azure

Swiss company ABB, specializing in the development of solutions in the field of electrical engineering, energy engineering, and IT, has launched analytical software for data integration based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, according to the Microsoft news portal.

"We believe that the introduction of advanced data analysis technologies in the energy and related industries requires effective integration of existing systems with new platforms for subsequent workflow automation. The implementation of the Ability Genix Suite platform will create high value for customers and improve the quality of data processing," said Raj Ramachandran, Digital Technology Director for Industrial Automation at ABB.

ABB Ability Genix Analytics and AI Suite is a scalable Analytics platform that includes pre-built applications and services for working with operational and engineering data. It allows you to collect, process, and interpret accumulated information for making business decisions in the field of improving operational efficiency and asset management. The solution makes it possible to integrate and analyze information flows from different functions and divisions of the enterprise into a single analytical model to obtain the most complete picture that reflects the current state of Affairs.

Thanks to a wide library of applications, users of the platform can choose the best analytical reporting options for them, depending on their business tasks. Besides, the platform uses artificial intelligence algorithms and can be deployed both via Microsoft Azure cloud servers and locally.

According to analysts' estimates, companies often use only 20% of the generated data, thus missing a significant layer of information about processes. It is expected that the use of the new platform will solve this problem.

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