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Experts Told How Will The Rules Of Air Travel Change After The Pandemic

Experts Told How Will The Rules Of Air Travel Change After The Pandemic

Experts told how will the rules of air travel change after the coronavirus pandemic, reports The Sun.

When tourists start traveling again and planes start flying, air tickets may become much more expensive than this winter, experts say. Perhaps the price increase will be a temporary measure that air carriers will take to increase profits and avoid bankruptcy.

The increase in fares will also contribute to the bankruptcy of some airlines, which analysts predict.

Also, experts believe that for some time after the end of the pandemic, planes will fly half-empty.

The average seat of three seats in a row will not be sold so that passengers can maintain a social distance, says the Executive Director of one of the European airlines, Johan Lundgren. According to him, the menu will become more ascetic, and communication with the crew will be reduced.

Boarding is likely to take longer: first, passengers will enter the cabin, whose seats are located at the end. This will eliminate their contact with the travelers sitting in front of them and reduce the potential risk of infection.

Tourists will be more cautious about coughing and looking unhealthy neighbors, suggests flight attendant Darlene Sain. "Such customers will receive comments or even an angry reaction from fellow travelers," she said. They'd better get a mask.

However, experts do not exclude that the mask will become a mandatory attribute for both crew members and air passengers.

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