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The Trial Of Johnny Depp Is Over. Amber Heard Made An Open Appeal

The Trial Of Johnny Depp Is Over. Amber Heard Made An Open Appeal

It was long three weeks of legal proceedings between Johnny Depp and the British tabloid The Sun, which the actor accused of libel. In 2018, the newspaper published an article in which it was said that Depp beat his ex-wife Amber Heard. She was a witness in the case, but in the end, she played almost a more important role than the main participants in the process.

A final hearing was held in a London court on Thursday. Johnny's lawyer, David Sherborne (by the way, he also represents Meghan Markle in the case against the Mail on Sunday tabloid) in his final address said: "It is important for Mr. Depp to clear his name from this terrible accusation… He lost everything — and by that, I mean his reputation. It's not about money." Sherborne said that because of the false accusations, Depp entered the" gallery of abusers "of the #MeToo and Time's Up movements, and added that Johnny adheres to the values of a" southern gentleman "who"has never hit a woman in his life."

Depp's ex-lover Emberd Heard in her testimony claimed that for three years of living together with the actor, she was a victim of domestic violence. Lawyers for The Sun built a defense line based on 14 cases of beatings, which Amber described in full detail under oath. Depp denied each of the episodes, stating that he was the victim in this relationship.

Sherborn's lawyer accused Heard of lying, saying that she falsified facts, changed testimony to match the evidence, made up new details of incidents, and so on. Sherborn also asked the judge to be skeptical about the photos that show the consequences of beatings. According to the lawyer, miss Heard is perfectly familiar with the techniques of applying makeup to convince viewers of the reality of hematomas.

While Depp's legal team was still in the courtroom, Amber appeared on the steps of the building in the company of her sister Whitney Enriquez and lover Bianca Buti. The actress read out the text of her address to the audience with tears in her eyes:

"I flew to the UK to give evidence in this case as a witness to help the court. After getting a restraining order in 2016 and completing our divorce process, I wanted to move on with my life. I did not file this lawsuit, and despite its significance, I would prefer to do it without a trial.

It was incredibly painful to relive the breakup of my relationship, to question my motives and the truth, and to tell the court and broadcast to the world the most traumatic details of my life with Johnny. I stand by my evidence in court and believe in British justice.

Although I did not file this lawsuit, I know what precious resources were used in this process, and I will be happy when these resources are redirected to more important legal issues already delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

I appreciate the dedication, hard work, and support of the defense legal team, as well as my UK and US lawyers. I also want to express my gratitude to the kind and helpful staff of the court and the police, who carefully took care of my protection, allowing me to give evidence in safety.

Finally, my heartfelt thanks for the words of support from fans all over the world. You have given me strength, and I thank you in return."

The Times reports that the actress' speech was met with shouts of disapproval accusing her of lying. But Johnny, who left the courthouse shortly after his ex-wife, was pelted with flowers by fans. Some of the crowd held placards with the slogans "Justice for Johnny" and " violence has no gender; men can also be victims." In response to this support, Depp distributed bandanas and autographed cards to his support group.

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