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Forbes Presented The List Of The World's Most Expensive Brands

Forbes Presented The List Of The World's Most Expensive Brands

The brand value of the American Corporation Netflix, which provides streaming services, increased by 72% over the year to $ 26.7 billion. This assessment is given in the ranking of the world's most expensive brands published on Tuesday by Forbes magazine.

At the top of the list, as a year earlier, are the Apple brands worth $241.2 billion, Google ($207.5 billion), Microsoft ($162.9 billion), Amazon ($135.4 billion) and Facebook ($70.3 billion), respectively. Next are Coca-Cola, Disney, Samsung, Louis Vuitton, and McDonald's. A year earlier, the top ten also included the Toyota brand, but this year, having lost 7% of its value, it took only the 11th place. Louis Vuitton, previously not included in the top ten most expensive brands, rose in price by 20%, thus taking the ninth place.

Of the top ten, only Facebook and Samsung lost 21% and 5% in value, respectively, while other brands became more expensive. Netflix, which showed the largest growth of 72% for the year, is located in 26th place. Also, Chanel (an increase of 42%), Amazon (40%), Microsoft (30%), PayPal (24%) added significantly to the cost.

The total cost of the 100 most expensive brands was $2.54 trillion. More than 50 of them belong to American companies, ten brands - from Germany, nine-from France, Japan, and Switzerland account for six and five, respectively. The brands of technology companies are the most represented in the list: there are 20 of them in the list. Fourteen brands belong to financial services firms, 11 - to the automotive sector, and eight - to the sales sector.

TOP 10 Brands According To Forbes

  • Apple — $241.2 billion (+17%);
  • Google — $207.5 billion (+24%);
  • Microsoft — $162.9 billion (+30%);
  • Amazon — $135.4 billion (+40%);
  • Facebook — $70.3 billion (-21%);
  • Coca-Cola — $64.4 billion (+9%);
  • Disney — $61.3 billion (+18%);
  • Samsung — $50.4 billion (-5%);
  • Louis Vuitton — $47.2 billion (+20%);
  • McDonald's — $46.1 billion (+5%).

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