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Virgin Galactic Has Shown A Virtual Concept Of The Cabin Of A New Tourist Spaceship

Virgin Galactic Has Shown A Virtual Concept Of The Cabin Of A New Tourist Spaceship

The company Virgin Galactic of British billionaire Richard Branson on Tuesday presented a virtual concept of the future cabin for tourists in the Unity spacecraft, which is available for download in a special app for mobile devices. The interior will consist of six seats, 12 portholes, and 16 cameras.

The concept itself was created in collaboration with London-based design Agency Seymourpowell. He was given the task of making the interior look "elegant, but progressive and focused on the experience" of developing spacecraft capsules. According to the official statement of the Branson company, the emphasis is on style, a combination of colors and halftones, soft lighting, and quality of materials. The manufacturer of sports uniforms and equipment Under Armour helped the British billionaire sew a special fabric not only for the suits of future space tourists but also for their seats.

Soft-skinned portholes are positioned to provide a 360-degree view. A large mirror is provided that allows travelers to see their reflection while floating in a state of weightlessness and take selfies against the background of a fragment of the Earth and outer space.

Unity starts at an altitude of 16 km, separating from the carrier aircraft, spends more than two hours in flight, and can take on Board up to six passengers. They have the opportunity to see the Earth from a height of 100 km and experience a state of weightlessness for a few minutes. Virgin Galactic conducted two flight tests of the spacecraft and carrier in the sky over the state of New Mexico.

SpaceShipTwo series spaceships were developed for regular tourist suborbital flights. By 2023, five such devices are planned to be built, Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides told CNBC in January. Last November, the company announced plans to launch regular tourist suborbital flights in mid-2020 and become a profitable enterprise by 2021.

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