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Rembrandt's Self-Portrait Sold In London For $18.7 Million At Sotheby's

Rembrandt's Self-Portrait Sold In London For $18.7 Million At Sotheby's

A painting by Rembrandt (Harmens van Rijn, 1606-1669) was sold on Tuesday in London for £14.5 million ($18.7 million), which was the record price for a self-portrait by a Dutch artist ever sold at auction, according to the Sotheby's auction house, which is currently bidding under the name "From Rembrandt to Richter."

The fight for the painting, which had a preliminary estimated value of £12-16 million ($15-20 million), unfolded between six collectors. The final cost of the canvas is twice higher than the previous record, which was set in 2003. Then the master's self-portrait was sold for £6.9 million.

As noted in the auction house, the picture realized on Tuesday was painted in 1632, when the artist was 26 years old. It is considered very rare, since, according to Sotheby's estimates, it is only one of two in which Rembrandt, who created at least 80 self - portraits during his career, depicted himself in full dress-in a collar and a black hat. It is also one of three self-portraits that are in a private collection.

At the moment, the auction, which will offer more than 70 lots covering more than five hundred years of art history, continues.

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