Belgium made COVID-19 shots mandatory for health workers to make the COVID-19 shots mandatory for health workers

Belgium made COVID-19 shots mandatory for health workers to make the COVID-19 shots mandatory for he ...

Health workers in Belgium who don't want to get vaccinated against COVID-19 will lose their jobs.

The federal government announced a proposed bill late on Monday to protect health care workers against the vaccin compulsory by rising coronavirus cases in a wave of new cases that have forced hospitals to reserve half of their ICU beds for COVID-19 patients. As soon as the new cases started, the fda completed a bill that will now make mandatory vaccination for workers.

An unvaccinated woman can restraining and obtaining a certificate of survival unless she can't work on the basis of the noncontest, until the first month of July, in the same period, the following months of the year, in which she can recover the certificate of recovery from co-viruses or negative tests, and she can be temporarily unemployed. From April, workers without a proper stating that she can't be dismissed.

A study shows that in more than a dozen countries, only a few 60,000 health workers are vaccinated against COVID-19.

The draft bill should get approval from the State Legislature and be rubber-stamped by the Parliament.

In the political class, the move could pave the way for mandatory vaccination across sectors. However, a rise in support for such a move has made the public a demand for incompetent a lot of a sigh.

The Coronavirus numbers aren't good in Belgium ahead of Wednesday's consultation committee, when De Croo will announce new restrictive measures in order to reduce the bacterial scars of new infections and admissions in the hospital.

According to the report released by the public health institute, 26400,000 people died from coronavirus in Belgium.

According to the Belgian media and said that whose report was available to the government by experts, health specialists recommend a temporary closure of the nightlife and activities where social distancing is unsustainable.

Experts have also suggested to make remote work mandatory again until Christmas break, the newspaper said. We recommend to make mask wearers mandatory from the age of nine and not 12 - if we become the ones who should wear a helmet instead of a helmet or a helmet, and that if we don't get them to a helmet, instead of a helmet or the mask, as the masks are also forbidden by the age of thirteen.

You're getting... _____!

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