'Strategic Compass': EU sets new military force dates, such as the 'Strategic Compass': New forces will be deployed across the country

'Strategic Compass': EU sets new military force dates, such as the 'Strategic Compass': New forces w ...

BRUSSELS, Nov 16 - A draft plan seen by Reuters sees that the European Union considering a joint military force of up to 5,000 troops to intervene in a variety of situations without the US' approval from the US. read more about how the European Union is considering a joint effort to protect against the US and encourage them to influence a certain deal on international security and civil war. Those two countries may still be able to deploy into different crises with the help of a single arm

Here are a few key points to the draft plan, the "Strategic Compass", which should be agreed by the leaders of the EU at a summit in March.

* By 2025, the EU should build a joint "Rapid Deployment Capacity" (Rapid Deployment Capacity) made of land, sea, and air component.

So far, the bloc wants to decide whether such a rapid reaction force could be used, and from 2023 begin a naval drill, as well as regular military exercises.

In 2030 the strategic report says the's and the only one' in which the main ties, it's the one and only "stuasus".

To prevent cyber attacks, the EU wants to agree to make its special Joint Cyber Unit fully operational by next year. It is unclear if the EU would have "offensive" capability to remove foreign computer networks, a technique commonly considered too dangerous to send forces.

* The bloc aims to develop new battle tanks and advanced airborne systems by a date to be established in accord with the EU states.

[US] military assets, the plan aims to substantially fill by 2025 critical capability gaps. Long-range military air transportation, space communication technology, and intelligence capability are all underutility in the EU.

* The bloc plans to increase the coordination of European naval missions in the Indo-Pacific region, as well as marine exercises and patrols by 2023.

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