Turkey's centrist party launches coalition talks after surprise election win

Turkey's centrist party launches coalition talks after surprise election win ...

After winning national elections on Sunday, the ruling party leader said that the central party's focus is on tackling the corruption issue.

With 25.7% of votes, the socialist country PP, established just two months ago, won the last of the Balkan countries' national elections this year.

The party requires the support of two other anti-graft factions and the Socialist party, but political analysts see this victory as a chance to break the stalemate that followed two inconclusive votes in April and July.

The Anger against high-level corruption in April led to the revolt of the centre-right GERB after more than a decade of power, but political wrangling among its opponents prevented them from making government even after a further vote in July.

"We plan on holding talks with the other parties already today. We have many things in common", PP leader Kiril Petkov told NOVA television.

Petkov, a 41-year-old business executive and former interim economic minister, was confident that this time GERB opponents would throw aside egos if country, facing high energy costs and climbing COVID-19 cases, could not afford any further elections.

He said he talked about the socialist leader, the anti-graft faction Democratic Bulgaria, the anti-elite There Is Such a People and found out a mutual agreement.

Ultimately, we want to do the work before the formal vote for a coalition takes place. "We want to give this work a lot of work before the formal voting for a coalition begins," he said. He added that part of the discussions will be streamed online to ensure transparency.

Petkov was viewed as the next prime minister and the co-leader of the PP, Assen Vassilev, and as a finance minister, but said in the coalition talks a final decision is being taken.

Transparency International named Bulgaria's most corrupt state by the new coalition.

"There shouldn't be a thief in Bulgaria whose use is under public debts, who can feel that he can't be punished," Petkov said.


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