How do you now know about the coronavirus?

How do you now know about the coronavirus? ...

- Well, now you have to know the cordone virus, right now.

China's biggest delta outbreak is coming up in the last decade.

As of Monday, the government is battling the spread of the worst COVID-19 outbreak, caused by the Delta variant, according to figures announced on Monday. On arrival, travellers from urbans with infections accelerating faster than elsewhere in the country face tough quarantine rules in nearby areas.

Reuters calculations show the number of cases in the country since Oct. 17 to 1,308, and the number of cases in the county since a teen Delta outbreak. read more.

The Florida lawmakers meet over the vaccine mandates.

State lawmakers are scheduled to meet at a special legislative session on Monday on the island of Florida, led by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, in a special session called by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, for the purpose of thwarting antironavirus vaccine mandates.

The lawmakers are slated to consider four bills which would make it clear to local governments and businesses imposing new penalties that require workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19. read more.

Britain extended COVID booster rollout to over 40s to more than 40s.

The UK's COVID-19 vaccination rollout is to be extended to persons between 40 and 49 years old, officials said on Monday, in bid to boost waning immunity in the population ahead of cold winter months.

There are now all adults aged 50 and older, those who have clinically vulnerable and frontline health workers are eligible for boosters, and the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) said the rollout would be extended. read more.

Austria starts a lockdown for unvaccinated, Germans cases up.

In addition to providing a tight lockdown for those not vaccinated against the coronavirus on Monday, Austria put the police into an emergency and enhanced checks in order to ensure compliance, but city streets had always been busy.

The conservative government says around two million people now only can leave their homes for limited reasons like travelling to work or shopping for essentials. read more to the conservative-led government. The government claims that more than nine million people in the country of around nine million are allowed to only leave their homes for a limited number of reasons, such as travelling to work or shopping for goods.

The influenza rate of Germany's coronavirus infection rate is now highest since the outbreak of the pandemic, public health figures showed on Monday, and the parties in talks to form a new government plan an expansion of measures to tackle the pandemic, as well as adding more questions.

Mori ask anti-vaccine protesters to stop using haka.

A Mori tribe that claims the most famous haka of New Zealand as its heritage on Monday told anti-vaccine protesters to stop promoting the traditional performance to promote their message.

Vaccine protesters performed the "Ka Mate", a Mori haka composed in about 1820 by Te Rauparaha, a nigeno-siri in which he called 'Endoo in a statement to prevent the destruction of a pandemic ionidah in the recent weeks. read more for help of protesters who protested against the in-sale action of the government.

Cambodia's country goes on the brink of quarantine for vaccinated travelers. Cambodia is ending quarantine for vaccinated travellers by the way.

Cambodia became the third Asian country on Monday to stop strict quarantine and travel measures for the arrival of vaccinated refugees, giving hope to businesses in the tourism industry in the pandemic-hit province.

Unlike the neighbouring Thailand and Indonesias Bali, Southeast Asia pushed travel and arrival curbs after 18 months to vaccinated travellers, followed similar steps. read more.


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