Swedish finance minister gives more time to try new government

Swedish finance minister gives more time to try new government ...

Sweden's finance minister Magdalena Andersson has been given more time to seek a new government and is hopeful that the left party will become the first female prime minister of the country.

Andersson in negotiations to give his support to the Left Party ahead of a potential vote. The speaker said that, after an idea and a request from Andersson, he extended the deadline up to Nov. 22.

"The conversations are constructive, so it's worth wanting a lot more time," Andersson said of a news conference.

Andersson was elected in November by the Social Democrat Party in order to replace former pm Stefan Lofven as his chairperson this month. Lofven stepped down as Prime Minister last week.

Lofven led a relatively low minority government with the Greens from 2014 to 2014.

The result was that of the parties' support from the Left and the Right. Andersson may also need to find support from outside the current coalition to win a confirmation vote in parliament. read more about how many times a year it saw from the present tvs as an audit in the war.

She must avoid a majority voting against her while retaining a majority in the 349-seat house to back her as prime minister.

She has secured the backing of the centre-right Centre Party, but she'll need tacit support from the Left.


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