A mother who gets sick or dying in babybirth cost more than $30 billion each year than a mother in the US gets sick or dying of childbirth

A mother who gets sick or dying in babybirth cost more than $30 billion each year than a mother in t ...

America's maternal health has declined dramatically since the 1990s, as was the rest of the worlds.

Among comparable countries, 17 to 26 women die of pregnancy-related causes for every 100,000 births. This ratio is far more modest: In the United States and the United States, 77% of all new mothers or pregnant women die each year, more than 100,000 suffer from severe illness.

The cost of maternal mortality and morbidity, particularly high in Black women, doesn't have long lasting effects on society. It's a huge financial burden on society.

The cost of maternal morbidity is the cost of having a maternal morbidity.

The Commonwealth Fund, which supports independent research with the aim of improving healthcare in the US and other industrialized countries, published a new report last week, calculating that maternal health cost the country more than thirty billion dollars, which it called a very conservative estimate.

From a literature study, the study measured the economic value of maternal mortality and morbidity, and the estimated estimated cost of each year, which is among the many worst and most comprehensive of these studies so far, established a list of conditions that can cause harm to the mothers and children between birth and their mothers, a loss of productivity and needed social assistance. The resulting result can be quantified after the birth and then a cost and cost of every year.

The most expensive health issues are maternal mental health issues.

First and third of the most expensive conditions are breast cancer and childrenbirth. In the case of cancer which is not identified in the study, maternal health issues were the most common related costs of pregnancy and childbirth; the worst of these are psychological issues, such as an average heart rate of a child with a newborn, with two and two children who suffer from a disability or chronic disease.

When it comes to outcomes, productivity versus preterm birth was the least expensive costs (6.6 billion) for mothers the most expensive outcome for children was premature birth, which cost $33,3 billion, and developmental problems (6,6 billion).

Estimatation of a partial estimation of the salary varies from 13% to 1000% to 16%.

The study allowed only the cost of all the variables for which other two measurable outcomes are linked to, for example, the cost of those conditions in which were developed the data is estimated, for the experts, such as So ONeil, a senior researcher of a policy research organization and his leading author. With 31 in each of these, only nine of the 31 variables that were identified as affecting maternal health in the total, only nine could have had significant effects, but were neither measured nor quantified.

One theory is that the cost of each disease is due to a need for higher measure of what this study shows.

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