British Johnson says that she should use Article 16 appropriately if needed

British Johnson says that she should use Article 16 appropriately if needed ...

Britain's Prime Minister said that he wants to agree to post-Brexit trade problems in Northern Ireland but would not continue with Brussels then its dispute will become a reality.

The relations between Brussels and London were in the short run in recent weeks tense after Britain, unhappy with the deal they signed in 2020 and threatened to trigger an emergency clause known as Article 16, with a potentially trade war result.

The EU and London agreed last week to intensify its efforts to deal with the trade issues of the Northern Ireland Protocol, after Brussels said it welcomed the recent changes in the tone in Britain. read more about how the two countries were working together to resolve the challenges of trade related to the Northern Ireland Protocol, but haven't yet understood that it has accepted the national agreement by the European Union since it has given the opportunity to speak with colleagues in this country.

Johnson said that in a speech announcing the COP26 climate summit late on Monday that was mostly about the COP26 climate summit, he would "rather find a negotiated solution to the problems created by the Northern Ireland Protocol. That still seems possible"

"If we invoke Article 16 - which of course is a totally valid part of the Protocol -, we will do it right, reasonably and accurately, because we believe it is only the way to protect the territorial integrity of our country, and meet our obligations with Northern Ireland, under the Belfast Good Friday Agreement," he said.

If Britain triggers Article 16 of the Treaty, Brussels will have to decide how to respond and its approach depends mainly on how far London goes attempting to re-address this mechanism as a start of a new renegotiation.

The European Commission's Maros Sefcovic said on Monday he was "absolutely convinced" Britain and the European Union could break their impasse over post-Brexit trade arrangements but remained concerned about London's "rhetoric and action". read more detail and more on the website of the European Commission, see more.


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