UK Indie Boss Investigated After Multiple Bullying Accusations

UK Indie Boss Investigated After Multiple Bullying Accusations ...

A Bummy boss was accused of imposing excessive working hours and failing to pay the elderly on time.

The broadcaster Insight TV launched an investigation into Marc Hayward, the director of Spark Content in London, after receiving multiple complaints back from a London-based publication that was presented over the summer.

The gamer competition show will take place next month. Hayward was investigated in August for the challenge shot on G2 Making The Squad: Fortnite Edition, which took place near Rome and was co-produced by G2 Esports. The gamer competition show is set to air in May.

In evidence submitted to the networks investigation, Hayward was accused of regularly screaming at colleagues and verbally wasting his time and his money. That come to another and proding a glass to the employees, and failing to pay for thousands of pounds on time to numerous people, with some still in good old terms, and never paying for it.

The findings of the investigation, obtained by Deadline, concluded that Hayward had conducted himself in a manner that cannot be accepted and made six recommendations, including that Insight consider pausing all Spark commissions for a significant period of time, and allow Spark to reorganize internally and unquestionably demonstrate that it has strengthened its own corporate and professional ability/teams.

Hayward refuted most of the allegations and said that his mental health was impacted by the situation.

Deadline understands Insight TV doesn't have any current or future plans to commission further projects from Spark which has produced a number of shows for the network like The Flying Kestrel and Supercar Blondie also. Sparks website says it produced programming for Nat Geo, Discovery, ITV and Channel 4 but it does not have any plans to develop any further projects.

Not physically or mentally safe.

In addition to working on the show for quite a few months in the UK, approximately 25-strong production team flew to Italy to take the shoot in July but in the midst of the weekend, 4 people, who are known to Deadline but they refused to disclose the details of this article, went to Italy, then returned to the UK.

They immediately raised numerous complaints in a cache of formal evidence filed to the UK broadcasting union Bectu also obtained by Deadline alleging that Hayward was verbally and mentally abusive to numerous production staff.

Bectu submitted this evidence to Insight TV together with statements from three other anonymous people who worked with Hayward in the past and described similar experiences and two others who worked on Making the Squad: Fifa 21 Edition in Berlin. Hayward has now apologized to the four main complainants.

One spokesman said that the apprehension on setting and the brief delay made the production a reality, and have helped all the members through this process over several months.

The complainant of four main complaints said she had a seizure because of extreme stress caused by work on the production and one of the complainants said she had an anxiety attack because of being'screamed at' by Hayward.

When concerns regarding health concerns were raised, this complainant said that she and others were accused by Hayward of lying and verbally abused, an allegation Hayward denied.

A different person said that he heard him screaming and verbally abuse colleagues, and that he felt disrespected as well as health and safety.

He would never have liked his ability to manage his work environments, and even if we weren't happy, I wouldn't want someone else to be able to experience what we experienced while he worked for him.

There's an annoyance that Hayward said that when people have not had time to get engaged in personal matters, this person said Hayward became indirectly aggressive toward him, for taking the day off to attend his grandfather's funeral, another claim that Hayward denied. If you need time or away for personal matters, it will become understandable.

One person recalls Hayward if they didn't respond to his demands and said it would threaten the people with potential loss of work. They told us that Hayward had exaggerated to acquire a glass to the employees and said he was perceived in the face of a different person with the consequence of losing his job.

Hayward denied those allegations, saying he raised my voice and never screamed, and even stressed his mental health.

The person on location who, on the facts and allegations, did such a panic attack, said Hayward, The naiveness of what I saw was such a huge loss. I was never in the midst of this or its incident, but that is so horrible a whole lot of thoughts go to anyone who has experienced that.

Hayward was reported to have also made "sexist jokes", which he denied, but was addressed in Insights investigation.

"Time is limited says the man.

The majority of those who submitted evidence to Bectu also flagged excessive working hours as norm, with 16-22 hour days seven days a week cited as norm and one individual called them astronomical and completely unsafe.

Another said working hours became increasingly impossible, adding: We was tempted and eager to work every waking minute of each day, including weekends and late at night.

According to a Bectu official, the production probably violated the EU working time limit, according to a producer.

Hayward acknowledged these excessive working hours and said sometimes in the industry this is required.

I try to talk to crew and the team about if we feel able to have the extra few hours in and never presume its ok, he said. We sometimes forget to call them in to talk about how much time there is to be spent. Thats the point not as long as we dont think the staff can have the extra time in. In case of a budget, the team has the opportunity to help him get through the schedules. Its a necessity to put these extra days in

Although financial issues often were raised, some agronomists reported they were not paid on time because they didn't work on the production.

While the 4 main complainants have all now been paid, Deadline understands two members of the Bectu syndicate are still owed around 36,000 ($48,400) (to Hayward believes that he's still owed money by Insight TV.

As far as any producer, one was given contract, and three said they have to spend their own money on expenses such as travel, food and equipment that would normally be covered by a productions budget.

I never saw or received a contract, said one of the complainants. When asked to sign contracts we were not invited.

Hayward acknowledged that he's financial trouble and said that lack of contracts is technically my fault, stressed that there was no shortage of a contract and worked out the information on how many days freelancers have been emailed, explaining their rates and how much work they would be able to devote to it.

He admitted that all the others had to use their own money to pay for some expenses and said: Everyone who was or is on the right track of getting reimbursed.

Im still staggered that somebody can behave and manage like a company, and be allowed to proceed.

The investigation finds "A manner that can't be accepted"

In the Insight Investigation was conducted by independent consultancy Rights Stuff BV, where evidence was examined from Hayward, the 4 chief complainants, three Spark staff and a senior production individual.

Hayward concluded that he conducted himself in a manner that cannot be accepted, while insisted that there was no allegation of physical or sexual harassment in strict legal sense.

The document described Haywards behaviour as a talenry, not a one-time event; pointed to examples of'shouting/raised voices and belittling staff members during production meetings and'suggestive comments about female staff members'

However, even when he said such comments were unprovoked, those comments didn't work very well, the most often nonreliable of a person, but he argued that in 2021, there was unacceptable evidence to be found that the others were exaggerated/effluent in their life-like behaviour.

The main areas in which the production went poorly are Conduct/manner, Contracting, and staffing which resulted in a more high volume and a higher performance and cost, the main things in which production went wrong.

Insight was encouraged to pause new Spark commissions for a significant period of time as one of six recommendations, which included Spark hiring an HR person to help the staff, putting proper financial processes on place and Hayward apologizing the complainants in writing.

Hayward said all the things in which Insight TV said they were correct, while his insisted that many of the allegations were false. Hayward said that he had "adhered to all the things which Insight TV recommended, including the apology.

Insight TV spokesman said that they are against and will not tolerate bullying and inappropriate behaviour.

Insight TV expects suppliers to adhere to industry best practices for their teams on the basis of performance testing, "as soon as possible, there is an exceptional audit process," says the director of company's executive director.

In the spotlight, the spotlight is shining.

The news comes as the issues that are plagued with bullying and sexual harassment in television and film are closely under spotlight.

In fact, Deadline's story breaks a few months after the allegations against the creator of Kidulthood that have been alleged by 20 women, and the allegations came down as a result of a more assertive apology from ten people for a unintentional hurt caused by the film by a prankster-man. McCarthy strongly refutes the majority of these allegations and apologized for unintentional harm caused by freedom.

The union says it still receives weekly calls flagging bullying behavior. Bectu has published this week a number of anonymous accounts of gruesome allegations in the nonscripted sector of the UK and on its Unseen on Screen campaign.

Last month Deadline revealed that the BBC revamped its guidelines for dealing with sexual harassment and harassment on set.

Note: Spark Content is completely distinct from those of British indie indie Spark Media and British indie indie broadcasters.

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