Saddiq Bey works out of shooting slump, Pistons struggle to overcome frosty first quarter, but have not overcome a hard first quarter to achieve a tenth of the fosty first quarter

Saddiq Bey works out of shooting slump, Pistons struggle to overcome frosty first quarter, but have  ...

The Detroit Pistons weren't able to overcome the 19-point deficit they fell into after the first quarter of Monday's vying the Sacramento Kings on Monday night. Following just 12 points to open the night's action, the Pistons fell to the Kings 129-107.

The Pistons have scored the fewest points in the january this season but they tried to make it out of the hole in the second quarter for that time-high result; they scored 96 points in the second quarter but the Kings were firmly holding on to their lead.

And, while the team went by twice as many points as 50 percent, Pistons second-year forward Saddiq Bey and freshman Cade Cunningham scored just another half of their points.

He has done only half the time he does the game on the scoresheet.

In the loss of Monday, Bey hit nine of his 17 shots in the field to get 53 percent of his tries. However, he was also 44 percent of his looks from deep. It's the third time this month the Villanova alum made 40 percent or more of his baskets from long range.

Bey - a second-straight game on Monday - made four of his nine tries beyond the arc.

Bey said that just trying to rest quiet and I can just feel the game. "Just trying to do what I can and to try to be the best I can be to give us a chance", Bey said. "Really trying to get into shape and feel all the well, so just try to play together." "So I got out of the early beginning of the first quarter I was tired of doing, so I did just get off the ground... Eventually, I did not think that I was trying to do that and just try to

The Largo, MD native has been adjusting to the looks of defenses that have been giving him. Last month, he tried more two points than three. This month, though, he has grown back to his roots and has recovered the number of attempts from distance.

He averaged four games, 4.8 rebounds and 3.1 assists averaging seven points.

The Kings seemed to move towards the three-point line freely, even once they brought Buddy Hield off the bench.

The six-year veteran gave the Kings plenty of space for their other shooters to flourish. Sacramento hit just three shots from long range in the first quarter but then hit six in the second to take a 68-54 lead by the end of the half.

Detroit tried to get Sacramento's lead through five-minute, 17-7 run. But the Kings scored three shots from distance to destroy the Pistons' efforts.

However, the Pistons made six shots from deep before the end of the half, but they didn't rely on their other shot attempts on the field a lot.

Pistons head coach Dwane Casey called Mondays slow start one of the worst first quarters of the season and said that the team didn't have any excuses for it.

As we get ready to compete no matter what you did last quarter, last possessions, last game doesnt matter that next team is trying to hit you upside your head. Then it wasnt from the lack of effort, it was from the lack of in-tention, focused, understanding what we are doing defensively, understanding what we do offensively, all that stuff.

The Kings accelerated early in Monday's game and controlled it for many hours. The Rams started to snuff it out with some quick scores from the break.

For the Kings, they make 48 percent of their baskets from three, respectively, on top of that, and they made 38,5 percent of the total of their 96 shots overall.

The Pistons were shot by 40 percent, but the Kings averaged 53 percent.

Detroit had trouble taking care of the ball, with the Sacramento defense hounding the Kings all night. The Kings scored 28 points off 18 Pistons turnovers.

The Rockets are worse than Detroit, who rank 25th in the league average turnover per game. They also truncate 20.7 points per game.

The Pistons haven't won back-to-back games since Feb. 14 and 2021.

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