Ghostly is a alienish monster film by a deep sea expedition. Upon arrival, bigfin squid is filmed by the 'deep explorer'

Ghostly is a alienish monster film by a deep sea expedition. Upon arrival, bigfin squid is filmed by ...

This wild-looking fish, a squid that can be seen in the Gulf of Mexico, fucked off the Okeanos Explorer expedition ship and took an airplane landing in the Gulf of Mexico, before it hit that squid.

There is a strange cephalopod with eight arms and two tentacles positioned between the largefin species and the largefin species. It's elusive and there's a chance to learn more about the mysterious animals.

The crew of the Indian Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Okeanos Explorer research ship caught watery wonders during its recently concluded Windows to Deep 2021 expedition.

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The explorers called it "cool," "ghosty" and "very alienish," and quickly released a video compilation of the squid. The squid, taken by a remote controlled vehicle in the Gulf of Mexico, was detected on Nov. 9; the ROV captured the squid and re-tweeted commentary from pleased scientists.

The NOAA ship #2Okeanos Explorer is safely docked in Puerto Canaveral, Florida, & our Windows to Deep 2021 adventure is over. Xi! Here is a video of the Big Fain squid we encountered in Gulf of Mexico. Read more about the discovery.

"So far, many big-fin squid use their arms and tentacles is unknown," NOAA said last week. "But, these appendages don't know how they are intended to trap prey that go to the seafloor when they poop" or drag into them"

Many different species of Bigfin are already found in this study, but the study revealed that this squid was first officially described about 20 years ago. It was originally thought to be just one species, as one expert said in the video commentary. Now that a number of species of bigfin (the Magnapinna) are known for its native origin.

A study published in 2020 detailed five sightings off the coast of Australia, with each new video a chance to witness the beauty of an epine-shaped cephalopod.

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