"Contract and not conflict", Biden, Xi call for more collaboration and communication

"Contract and not conflict", Biden, Xi call for more collaboration and communication ...

The new president and China's Xi Jinping's virtual talk a meeting of the billionaire leaders agreed they need to tread carefully, when their nations turn out to be in an increasingly fraught competition.

In a domestic pressure, while while addressing domestic demands at home, Biden and Xi both seemed determined to lower the temperature in their most important global and often turbulent relationship.

Everyone I have told you before, I think the United States' mission is to ensure that the competition between the countries does not veer into conflict, whether intended or not,, Biden told Xi at the start of a virtual meeting Monday. Just simple, straightforward competition.

The White House set low expectations for the meeting, but no major announcements were made and no joint statement was delivered. Still, the White House officials said both leaders had a substantive exchange.

Xi welcomed the president as a old friend and echoed Bidens cordial tone in his opening remarks, saying: China and the United States must increase cooperation and communication.

Xi's deputies said that he'd interfered in what they see as internal Chinese matters. Biden was first in prison in January for strode into the White House in January and quickly criticised Beijing for human rights violations in northwest China, the suppression of democratic protests in Hong Kong, and the abdication of the self-governed island of Taiwan, and more. meanwhile, clung back to the White House over what they consider to be internal Chinese matters.

In a statement at the White House, Biden reiterated his concern for Chinas human rights practices, and told clear that he sought to protect American workers and industries against unfair trade and economic practices. Both spoke of important regional challenges, including North Korea, Afghanistan and Iran.

As the tensions between the USA and China risen, both leaders, both leaders, has also found themselves being under the pressure of increased challenges in their backyards.

Biden, who watched his poll numbers drop due to persistent concerns about the persisting coronavirus pandemic, inflation and supply chain issues, was looking to look at a measure of equilibrium if he has the most severe foreign policy problem he face.

meanwhile, Xi has been facing a resurgence of COVID-19, rampant energy shortages and a housing crisis that officials worried about might lead to a global economic collapse.

Xi said, At the moment, China and the United States are both at critical stage of development and human evolution lives in global village, and we face multiple challenges together and with China, Xi said.

During the Roosevelt Room, the president was joined by a handful of aides and a personal secretary of state Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State, a handful of Xi, the main reason for which he was in the East Hall of the Great People from the communist party director Ding Xuexiang and several senior advisers.

At the same time as a typical person, Xi said about the same extent as the man who said that he was speaking in a speech before speaking with the other people. the meeting ended with the fact that he thought that was an easy affair in a real word.

The White House made a clear use of virtual meetings to speak about a broad range of strains in the relationship. In contrast, Biden would have preferred to talk to Xi, but the Chinese leader hasn't left his country since the start of the colonial pandemic.

Xi told Biden that while it was nice to see him, virtual meetings weren't as good as a face to face meetings.

China forces took an increased number of fighter jets near Taiwan, which Beijing considers part of its territory.

It is the most important and sensitive problem of China-U.S. relations, said Zhao Lijian on Monday. The Taiwan issue is concerned about Chinas sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as its fundamental interests, said the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson. It is the most important and sensible issue in the relations between China and China.

The White House said Biden reiterated the U.S. will respect a longstanding, "One China," policy which recognizes Beijing and has informal relations and defense ties with Taipei. But Biden also expressed dismayed the United States strongly opposes unilateral efforts to change the status quo or undermine peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, the White House said.

China's leader is likely looking for a way to stabilize the relationship in the near term. Beijing is set to host the Winter Olympics in February and the Communist Party will approve Xi, to serve as party leader in the new year and then third term in 2023 unprecedented in recent Chinese history -, but is soon expected to slow that relationship a little bit further.

"China and the United States should respect each other, coexist in peace, and continue win-win cooperation," said Xi.

Even though Biden was domestically unhappy, White House officials made the case that Biden was into the meeting as he saw it from an strength.

The Democrat argued that the country's crumbling infrastructure is crucial to the United States, and the US wants to win competitive advantage over China.

The construction of the railroad, the construction of the bridges and the airports will be improved once again over the next decade.

Both leaders made no mention of their history with the other for the years leading up to their conversation, and then gave no mention of what the other person has said since that one was talking to a neighbor in a single, anonymous conversation; they have never listened to their history at the meeting on anonymity.

Despite being known as xi once toured China, but from the moment he decided to tell a report of an early childhood relationship with a new friend, his girlfriend / was asked to tell a WHO investigation into the coronavirus, by a reporter.

Xi, though, figured it interested in publicly reviving the warm he felt during his relations, but, as a result, was enthusiastic about the initial thoughts he had on his old friend, saying that: I feel like seeing my old friend (It is very happy (Sure to see a friend.

Many progress has come but some early stage.

Last week, the United States and China agreed to attend the climate talks, in Glasgow, Scotland, to increase cooperation and speed up action to counter climate-damaging emissions.

Republicans accuse Biden administration of failing to hold Beijing accountable for human rights and seek its climate agenda.

The Republican National Committee said that soon before the leaders' meeting, Beijing has allowed China to threaten the u.s. and nations security and our allies sovereignty. As he turns a blind eye to the human rights atrocities to pursue his political agenda, Biden allows a human rights campaign to rip the USAs unpopular sanctions, threatening American sovereignty and prosperity, a statement released yesterday at the president's meeting.

The White House said that cooperation on climate change as something in Chinas interest. Thats something the two countries should cooperate on despite differences on other aspects of the relationship.

As far as the United States, no of this is to one of our countries a favor, a vocation for each other in the respect of his own country, told Xi,. You're huge world leaders, not just Americans."

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By aamer Madhani and Colleen Long. Ken Moritsugu was involved.

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