Biden, Xi urging more communication and cooperation

Biden, Xi urging more communication and cooperation ...

The president and the Chinese government agreed on the more than three-hour virtual talk, so that the leaders of the superpowers agree that they have to tread carefully as their nations face increasingly competitive competition.

Both Biden and Xi seemed determined to push domestic pressures at home to lower the temperature in their biggest international and often incredibly turbulent relationship.

We should be of the same company as each other in China. It's like taking steps as we have discussed before, it seems to me that it's a responsibility of leaders of China and the USA, to ensure that the competition between our countries won't veer into conflict, said Biden at their virtual meeting Monday. Just simple, easy competition.

The White House set low expectations for the meeting, but no major announcements or even a joint statement were delivered. White House officials said the two leaders had a substantive exchange.

Xi greeted the United States president as his old friend and echoed Bidens cordial tone as he praised in his opening remarks, saying: China and America should increase cooperation and communication.

Xi's deputies stifled against the Biden White House for interfering in what they see as internal Chinese matters.

The White House said Biden reiterated concerns about China's human rights practices, and said he had sought to protect American workers and industries from the PRC's unfair trade and economic practices. The two also spoke about key regional challenges, such as North Korea, Afghanistan and Iran.

Because of the growing tensions between the U.S. and China, both leaders feel a lot more confident in their own backyard.

Biden, who has watched his poll numbers diminish amid concerns about the lingering coronavirus pandemic, inflation and supply chain issues, aimed at finding a measure of equilibrium on the most consequential foreign policy issue he faces.

Xi, by meanwhile, has a COVID-19 resurgence, rampant energy shortages and a looming housing crisis that biden officials worry will pose a global tremor.

"Since a decade's development has started with China and the United States to start at critical points, and humanity lives in a global village, and we're faced with multiple challenges together," said Xi.

The president of the United States was joined in the Roosevelt Room for the video call by a few aides of the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken and the government of the Roosevelt Room, while Xi was accompanied in the East Hall of the Great People by a senior party director, Ding Xuexiang, and several advisers.

A hundred of people in the high-level diplomacy greeted themselves with dizzy zoom chat while Xi told Biden, It's the first time we meet so much, she said.

The White House lauded the idea of virtual meeting as the next best way to share a long line of challenges in the relationship. One would have liked to meet Xi in person, but the Chinese leader hasn't left his country since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Xi told Biden that while it wasnt nice to see him that virtual meetings werent so good as a face-to-face meeting.

China, said in advance that Taiwan would be the main issue for the talks, continued tensions with the Chinese military last week, along with the recent military envoy to Taiwan. Last week, the united states deployed an increasing number of fighter jets near Taiwan in response to a visit by a United States congressional delegation to Taiwan.

Taiwan is considered the most important and sensible issue in China-U.S. relations.

The White House said Biden reiterated that the United States will respect the long-standing One China policy, which recognizes Beijing but allows informal relations and defense ties with Taipei, but Biden also reiterated the importance of the United States with an unilateral effort to change the status quo and undermine peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, the White House said.

The Chinese leader's plans to run Beijing, which will host the Winter Olympics in February and then Xi expected to be approved by the Communist Party leaders in 2014, and then a third term as president in 2023 a unprecedented in recent history may look at an alternative position for the Chinese leader in the near term.

China and the United States should respect each other, coexist in peace, and pursue win-win cooperation, Xi said.

Even though he was in his domestic annoyance, White House officials suggested Biden was coming into the meeting from a position of strength.

The Democrat said that he would urge US troops to maintain competitive advantage over China, and has introduced a $1 trillion infrastructure bill, which is crucial for the u.s. as the effort to retain competitive advantage over China.

The infrastructure investment over the next decade will be the first year in 20 years. According to this law, the US infrastructure investment will grow faster than China, said Biden at his signature ceremony. We'll have the best roads, bridges, ports and airports again.

Both leaders gave nod to their history with the other despite having spent so much time speaking to each other - and had never walked away wondering what the other man is thinking. The two leaders recalled the conversations they had made with their friend in the past and gave no indication of their history, according to a senior official.

When a reporter asked if the shit to cooperate with the World Health Organization, the public warmth Xi referred to Biden as his old friend in 2013, while Biden talked of his friendship has cooled now that both men are heads of state. Biden bristled in June when he asked a reporter whether he would press his old friend to cooperate with the investigation if the coronavirus investigation is taken into account.

I'm very happy to see my old friend, despite rumors, that Xi would rather look for a way publicly reviving the warmth of his friendship as it did in the earlier days. Having said that: I can very well see my old friend but he and Xi seemed enthusiastic about being more open in public.

During the early exits of the Biden administration, the two sides frequently traded recriminations and the presidents chief advisers engaged in unproductive exchanges. But there had been moments of progress.

Last week, the US and China pledged to boost their cooperation, and take action to reverse the climate-damaging emissions.

Republicans accused the Biden administration of failing to hold Beijing accountable on human rights for the sake of pursuing its climate agenda.

In a statement shortly before the leaders meeting, Biden allowed China to protect america's security and our allies' sovereignty. The Republican National Committee urged China to act "to defend the equality of democratic people" in a statement. If China is for the same reason that he blindly viewed human rights atrocities in pursuit of our agenda, he could act with caution, and threaten American security and our allies sovereignty, both in the same way as the president and the president's meeting, the Republican National

The White House has said that the cooperation on climate change is a question of the Chinese interest, but the two nations have to cooperate on issues related to climate change, even if the relationship is different.

There is no favor to either of our countries what we do for our nation but it is just responsible world leadership, told Biden. You're a major world leader, and the United States as well.

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By Aamer Madhani and Colleen Long. Ken Moritsugu contributed.

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