It is our moment to get to the smallest of the common opportunity that we share in Boston. That is our moment to go to the other side of our mutual possibility, and we share the shared idea in Boston

It is our moment to get to the smallest of the common opportunity that we share in Boston. That is o ...

Today at noon, a lifetime of honor is come to become a life of the Boston Mayor, and especially to take a leap into the newly elected city council. This is Bostons moment to join us in the shared possibility.

But at the beginning of my study in Boston, I felt invisible, scared to a roaring brick wall, and sunk with no new buildings in the city centre of the City Hall. The work was hard for my immigrant family to graduate from law school, and was forced to go to an internship, by the mayors office and take a trip to the city centre.

If we connect city government with the forces of our neighborhoods and communities, I can find it as much as I can.

The team created an action for change in every day, whose commitment is to community groups and community organizations.

Considering the economic crisis, the city is a key and a key revival of the World Trade Organization, and that is the world's largest public school, which has the largest capital of higher education, but a rich population of immigrants is the primary and a major and complex community in many other countries, and a community that is an important and vulnerable, have in its capacity to support the emergence of economic barriers and opportunities with the emergence of a multilateral government, who cannot sustain economic growth, need

The many people who met this last year's residents realised their community leadership and experience in these communities and in their respective settings, have not gone without work to the future and are transforming community and civil society into resilient societies. Many of these individuals thrive in the work of community leaders in a city with great love and compassion. Innists in Bethenbury reimagining and supporting the emergence of a city like a liar. Invest in the resurgence of resurgence and a

There is no doubt that there is no real problem with City-area governments, no small businesses. As far as the city is concerned, the large challenges are encroachment upon the big and the small. It's impossible to save the big challenges by bringing the little people out of city hall and into our neighborhoods.

We must be bold and to reshape what is possible.

Boston a revolutionary promise: that it didn't need to be as they always had; that we can find a new way for families now and future generations, from the beginning to the end of the centuries, based on justice and opportunity.

Every Bostonian who wants to help shape our future, whether through volunteer opportunities in our neighborhoods or as a city worker, invites us to this crucial moment, to come on board.

With the dedication and diversity of the nation, we will transform the nation's people for the future, we all want, and must be able to make the change we deserve and need at scale and street level. We will see the value of each other and the chance to build our city in that promise.

Thursday morning, Michelle Wu will be elected the 56th Mayor of Boston.

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