Vodafone has raised the amount of free cash after good first half

Vodafone has raised the amount of free cash after good first half ...

- The company's cloud phone provider has announced the announcement that its company will report a 6.5% growth in fixed core earnings in its first half, followed by an impressive performance in the world's largest market.

The British company raised the floor of its full-year earnings guidance to 15,2 Mrd., the highest remaining at 15,4 Mrd. and upped its free cash flow target to 5,3 Mrd. from at least 5,2 Mrd., respectively.

The results showed a solid commercial momentum. The Chief Executive Nick Read said the results demonstrated "solid commercial momentum".

He said his solid performance in Africa and Europe puts us on track to be the best in this year's terms and conditions, and in order to get into our medium-term financial ambitions, he said.

Vodafone said its total revenues grew to 222,5 billion euros in six months to end-September, driven by service revenue growth in Europe and Africa and a recovery in mobile sales followed the COVID-19 disruption in the prior year.

Earnings adjusted the core value at 7,6 billion euro, and growth jumped by 0.7% margin.

Data showed that the company expects to nudge up forecasts after the results and report earnings of 15.2 billion euros this year and cash flow of 5.23 billion euros.

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