Man sought for the death of the Haitian president in Turkish custody in a Turkish jail, the man who sought to be the dead in custody for the death of the Turkish president in the Haitian prison

Man sought for the death of the Haitian president in Turkish custody in a Turkish jail, the man who  ...

Turkish authorities issued a statutory 40-day temporary arrest order for a man deemed a suspect in the murder of Haiti's president Jovenel Mose on July 7 - and placed him in a prison in Istanbul - the state-run news agency reported.

The suspect was arrested at Istanbul Airport early on Monday, where he headed to Jordan and entered the United States for a transit route on Monday, the report told a report told the agency. The arrest was announced later Monday by Haiti authorities.

According to his Twitter account, the foreign Minister spoke to his Turkish counterpart about Handals arrest, but didnt give further details, including whether Haiti would seek the mans extradition.

The report said that Handal was requested in order to stop a transit for a taxi on the 'Interpol' notice, and his arrest was made, and he was then questioned by authorities in Istanbul and issued the april order, which was requested by the Turkey's government, the report said.

He is currently at Maltepe, in Istanbul. The agency said.

Handal was discussed as a suspect in the plot to kill the Haitian president, although the government has not expressed his suspicion of a involvement, but he's also noted that he may be involved in the attempted war, but he is said to have a person in handal's alleged presence.

Many former soldiers and policemen have been arrested in the presidential slaying. There have been over 40 suspects, including 18 former Colombian soldiers and several Haitian policeman, but most of them have not known how to participate in the operation.

In Jamaica, another Colombian man was arrested in October.

Mose was shot dead and his wife was wounded in the pre-dawn attack at his private home.

The presidential killing exacerbated the political instability in the country, who, also since then has been trying to recover from a magnitude 7.2 earthquake that killed more than 2200 in the southwestern city of Haiti in mid-August, spiked gang-related violence and a huge shortage of fuel shortage.

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