Pentagon fails fourth audit, but sees steady progress

Pentagon fails fourth audit, but sees steady progress ...

- Despite a passing grade, the vast bureaucracy slowly progresses, as the latest-gen report reported the u.s. fourth comprehensive audit failure. Specifically, the United States Treasury financed its fourth comprehensive audit failure, which reflects problems in systems and accounting issues.

The rigour required audit helped sharpen Pentagon's systems and controls and the department of Defense found misplaced inventory helping save money.

About 1.200 auditors tested the systems and records management on weapons and the military personnel worldwide, with 278 site visits and 1.069 virtual visits.

The process led to 26 self-audits that comprised the general review.

Eight units were expected to receive clean opinions from the auditors as expected, the same as last year, said Mike McCord, the CFO of the Pentagon.

According to McCord, the audit was a favorable audit opinion. The company continued to make progress through the results of the audit of more than 3,2 trillion dollars in assets and three trillion dollars in liabilities.

The Pentagon added that, as the audits mature and testing expand, Department of Defense leaders expect findings to increase in number and complexity, since successive sweeps could expose profound problems.

The United States Department of Homeland Security took a comprehensive audit and a decade to pass the Comprehensive Audit could take as long as 2027 was the first clean audit possible.

The Pentagon said the eviction from the coronavirus deprived travelers of the ability to inspect the land in order to be able to get to the house quickly. However, the virtual site visits caused some tense changes in due diligence effort.

The cost of this year's audit fees of 207 million dollars were almost flat than last year's.


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