As Judy Taylor retired after 48 years of running to the new postage store, Kelly Kelly-Grant formerly served as director of the Disney Branded Television Television as director

As Judy Taylor retired after 48 years of running to the new postage store, Kelly Kelly-Grant formerl ...

Brenda Kelly-Grant was named SVP, Casting and Talent Relations, Disney Branded Television. She will succeed Judy Taylor, who has finished his career nearly fifty-dix years ago.

Taylor commissioned a film, which he was responsible for 24 years at Disney Channel. She was responsible for launching the careers of some of Hollywood's most famous young stars such as Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana, Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens for High School Musical, Zendaya for KC Undercover and Olivia Rodrigo for Bizaardvark and High School Musical: The Series.

The actor, whose work has been invaluable, helped to make Disney proud. She has helped a significant contribution in his industry. She's been an important and joyful part of my tenure in this company and our whole team will miss her and wishes her the very best.

Taylor began her career as an assistant to the Hollywood film giant and the movie "The Walking Dead" a year ago. He was an avid filmmaker, and was a longtime actor.

The director of Disney Branded Television, Gary Marsh, said: I only have those few people in our history who have played a more crucial role in the creation of Disney Channel legacy. That's the beginning of the 48th year that people have created a legacy of the brand and the future of the movie theaters, and so how will this partnership continue with me? We have a long tradition of relying on these team of creatives for our future.

Kelly-Grant's entire 14-year tenure includes being a Disney executive, since she was recently VP of Casting, ABC, where she worked under Davis.

In her new role, Kelly-Grant will lead the cast and talent relations for the units live-action scripted pilots, series and movies on Disney+ and Disney Channels; she will also develop and execute strategy for Disney Branded Television talents off-air appearances which promote related content and brands.

Among the staff who reported to Kelly-Grant are Cornelia Frame, VP for Casting and Talent Relations, Leah Buono, VP of Casting, and Kimberly McCollum, director of Casting, and their respective teams.

In years to come, Brenda is a deep appreciation for our talent, and that brings our stories to life. She is an ideal collaborator with the experience and intuition necessary to lead the casting process, Davis said. I know she's the best person to expand on the legacy Judy created and that she'll inspire the entire team and bring the right experience for a wide array of acting talent working with us now and in years to come.

She produced ABC Television Discovers: Digital Competition, a digital talent search for underrepresented actors in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Kelly-Grant was executive director, communications for Disney Channel, and was chief of staff at Amazon Studios prior to the meeting. The vice president of the Disney Media Networks and the Disney ABC Television Group was also executive director and director of Communications for Disney Channel.

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