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Defamation was brought against the families of 8 victims of the Sandy Hook school massacre, which is the deadliest elementary school shooting in the U.S. history. In that day, the shooter killed 26 people, including 20 kids under 8. Jones repeatedly asserted the plot and insisted on protecting his own rights in federal court. The victims families sued him for defamation.

The ruling sends the case to the judges, who will decide on damages for the families.

The New York Times estimated that Jones lost three other cases in Texas, where the juries will also award damages.

In reality, Mr. Jones is very used to arguing his own emotions, but he merely walked over the cliff and took action, as to defend his conduct in the court of law, and meet the court order, says the Hartford Courant. What I think this case showed that he was unwilling to play out his conduct as a very different ballgame, said the plaintiff, Mattei, in the naive complaint filed in the Hartford Courant. The fact that the court had no choice but to delay

The decision making process would likely take the final step of action if the damages are taken back.

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