Rittenhouse was charged with murder, but was told he confessed that he committed murder - and that she was fired

Rittenhouse was charged with murder, but was told he confessed that he committed murder - and that s ...

A camera of the shootings in the Wisconsin haze, the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse on Monday was done by the prosecution and the defense. Those pictures are completely different from those of the murder of the teenager, who caused the shooting of three people in the 2013 shooting in the city of Lakeside. The jury used a grainy video to argue Rittenhouse provoked the events.

In explaining the closing arguments, Chief Judge Thomas Binger told the jury to ignore Rittenhouse's argument that he was attacked and fired his semi-automatic AR-15 rifle in self-defense, killing two men and wounding one third.

When Binger argued in his argument, Rittenhouse instigated the first shooting by pointing his weapon at people, and then made the subsequent encounters worsen by creating a "active shooter" situation for protesters who felt an urge to disarm him.

He said, "If you created the danger, you forfeit the right to self-defense by bringing that gun, aim at people, threatening people's lives," said Binger, who directed the gun to the jury to demonstrate. "The defendant provoked everything."

When confronted a confrontation, a teen argues that Rittenhouse was the aggressor. He then threatens to raise the bar for his self-defense claim under Wisconsin law. Those who have provoked a confrontation have to exhaust all other options before using deadly force.

After Binger spoke for two hours, the defense made the final addressto the jury and called the prosecution desperate for its apparent shift in strategy, despite a focus of prosecutors during two weeks of testimony, saying that establishing provocation had not been a focus of prosecutors, - particularly since the teenager was arguing that he was attacked before opening fire.

"When his case explodes in his face, he comes out with provocation," Mark Richards said of Binger's strategy. "He doesn't think so."

The trial is the most closely watched case involving civilian freedom of self-defense since George Zimmerman was acquitted in the shooting of a black teenager, Trayvon Martin, in 2013.

Like Zimmerman, Rittenhouse has emerged as a polarizing figure, viewed as the heroics of many conservatives who favor expansive gun rights, and in the opinion of many conservatives whose political opinions are against it, and as the symbol of out-of-control American gun culture, praised by many on the left.

Multiple witnesses testified that Joseph Rosenbaum, the first man called Rittenhouse shot, accused and lunged at the teenager.

"Mr. Rosenbaum was shot because he was chasing my client and was going to kill him - take his gun and carry out the threats he made," Richards said.

With its grainy drone video, Binger claimed that Rosenbaum, who saw Rittenhouse point his rifle at people, had charged for, after the teenager, in an attempt to "try and stop the defendant from pointing his gun or shooting anyone."

The shootings took place at Kenosha, Wisconsin, a black man, Jacob Blake, that was left distressed by an armour at the waist down by the police. Rittenhouse, 18, is charged with the murder of a woman, 36, and the murder of Anthony Huber, 26, and a woman, 28, on Aug. 25, 2020. There were protests - and rioting, and looting - during which the blackman was killed by the fire.

Rittenhouse was 17, where he pleaded not guilty and testified last week that he did not want to kill anyone that night. read more :-) He's facing life in prison if convicted - if only convicted. nauseate, whose life is at 17 o'clock, a life sentence, according to the report.


After the defense presents its closing arguments, the jury will begin deliberations and attempt to form a consensus on guilt or innocence.

Of the prosecution, Binger said Rittenhouse was out of his way to travel to Kenosha in a manner that enabled him to go to Antioch with the protests, the protests against racism and police use of force, in 2020.

In the attempt to argue Rittenhouse acted recklessly, Binger talked about the powerful nature of the AR-15 and its ramifications, which they were loaded with: full metal jacket bullets designed to penetrate their target.

He called Rittenhouse a fraud for saying he was there as a medic and doing first aid, noting he lied to a journalist about the role of a medic. This AR-15 is totally incompatible with the role of a medic, Binger said.

The jury exhibited graphic video of Rosenbaum, after being shot four times, lying on motion and struggling to breathe.

A large chunk of the left arm of Binger also posted a close-up photograph of Grosskreutz and the large photograph of him took off. Several jurors appeared to wince and turn away.

The prosecutor added that Huber a protester who was shot after striking Rittenhouse with his skateboard, tried disarming the teenager.

Richards called the protesters a rioter and said the crowd was asking for their licks in order to discourage them from doing what they did in Kenosha.

Rosenbaum tested his bipolar disorder on a movie, and a video video showed that he was on medication, was discharged from a hospital and was caught on films focusing on people and lighting fires. Considering that he was on medication, his fiancee revealed that he was bipolar disorder.

"We don't play well and loose with the facts pretending Mr. Rosenbaum was Citizen A, no. 1 guy," Richards said. "He was poor, he was there, he was causing trouble," and he was the rioter, and my client had to deal with him that night alone."

Earlier Monday, a misdemeanor charge was dismissed against Rittenhouse for illegally possessing the gun he used in the shootings, citing vagueness in the law.

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