During the last three months of 2006, the UAE will enact an increase in tensions with Iran

During the last three months of 2006, the UAE will enact an increase in tensions with Iran ...

US - The Arab Emirates will take measures to de-escalalate tensions with Iran as part of a policy choice to evade diplomatic and away from confrontation, the official said Monday.

Iran is deeply concerned about the actions of the Gulf State in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon, said Gargash, diplomat adviser to the president of the UAE.

"Despite this, we have taken steps to de-escalate tensions with no interest in a confrontation." In Abu Dhabi, Gargash told the Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate, that the entire region would pay the price of such a confrontation in a few decades."

"Riseually optimistic about the chances of success" - a slow process, but allowing for more confidence and a better status quo, he said.

The Gulf states watch talks to revive a nuclear pact by global powers and Iran, while Saudi Arabia and the UAE believe the deal was flawed, especially since it ignored Iran's missile programme and regional proxies.

Gargash said the UAE worked to build bridges with all countries, including those with which it has serious disagreements.

He cited last year's establishment of diplomatic ties with Israel as an example of the UAE's policy, as well as its recent actions in Ethiopia and Sudan regarding crises.

Gargash said recent developments were very troubling for the UAE on two fronts: the rise of extremism and the perceived role of the United States in this region.

UAE moved to combat Islamist groups in the region such as Muslim Brotherhood, which the Gulf states view as a threat to their dynastic system of rule.

He said the United States remain the UAE's dominant security partner.

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