Bitcoin is an upgrade major. Here is what it means for Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an upgrade major. Here is what it means for Bitcoin ...

Bitcoin passed a major upgrade on Sunday in enabling the blockchain to execute more complex transactions, resulting in potentially widening the virtual currency's use cases and enabling it to be a little more competitive with Ethereum for smart contracts processing.

Intelligent contracts are self-executing transactions that are able to produce transactions based on pre-programmed inputs.

Taproot is the largest change in the bitcoin protocol since the SegWit block capacity changed in 2017. SegWit effectively increased the amount of transaction that could fit into a block by pulling signatures from bitcoin transactions.

Noelle Acheson said the potential use of bitcoin in Taproot has grown rapidly.

Besides flexible transaction type and low costs will support the development of "Decentralized finance" and "non-fungible tokens" on bitcoin, then there will be a wave of technological progress on the original crypto network, she added.

Taproot's activation has in part created a rally in bitcoin, pushing it to an all-time high of $69,000 on November 10. In the last two months, bitcoin has risen more than 47%.

What is an apropos?

This upgrading allows use of a new digital signature scheme called "Schnorr" to make bitcoin transaction more transparent and more private. This strategy allows the user to pay more complex smart contracts to choose from.


Taproot was officially activated on Sunday on block 709,632 on Saturday. A new approach will allow the production of the currency as a commodity. The trading price is only a portion of the quantity of transactions you can make.

The taproot upgrade has been included in bitcoin since September.

What is the meaning of ITS IMPACT on BITCOIN?

The impact that would be the network's ability to process more smart contracts could be a much more significant factor, compared to the Ethereum ICO.

Katherine Dowling, head of digital asset investment company Bitwise, said bitcoin has historically been much more limited in processing smart contracts than Ethereum.

"But, while bitcoin won't ever be as flexible as Ethereum from a smart-contract standpoint, with Taproot that gap will now narrow. And we'll see a surge in day-to-day applications for bitcoin," she added.

What's the other thing about these more health care?

Taproot increases privacy by obscuring what type of transaction's being executed. This puts more sensitive transactions on the bitcoin protocol such as those from wallets with multiple signatures. These transactions look as well as other transactions more secure.

The Acheson analysis shows that a Bitcoin transaction will also be more data-efficient, leveraging block capacity and lowering transaction costs, is said.


In 2017, a major upgrade helped the Lightning network to expand the more expensive Bitcoin payments than before.

She hopes Taproot will bring similar wave of innovation in bitcoin that is focused around smart contracts.

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