What Bryan Harsin said about the injury that got Bo Nix injured, Auburn's quarterback situation, what Bryan Harsin said about his injury, Auburn's injury, and how Auburn had to play football

What Bryan Harsin said about the injury that got Bo Nix injured, Auburn's quarterback situation, wha ...

The final stretch of the second season of the Auburn program under Bryan Harsin took a difficult turn following the loss of the team to Mississippi State.

ACL suffered with a broken back in the second half of the game, but it was the biggest program history, with the Tigers putting a 25-point lead from the first half at home. There was surgery on Monday, but he would have been out for the remainder of the season.

Hardness: Harsin on Nix: No doubt.

The damage the Mississippi State threw Alabama for the defenses of his hometown.

I think it's time to forecast the Bowl projections for Auburn after Week 11.

Here's a complete look at everything Harsin said about the accident and the impact of the injury on the State's final two regular seasons, during his Monday press conference. In this report, he discussed Nix, Carlson, and the falls of last weekend's defeat.


Notice of opening, please.

So the worst players in the last week were injured, Bo Nix having the big surgery today on his ankle. That's positive. he is out.

As always, we moved back to what the hell was doing. Hopefully that guy cant recover even.

There will be some guys who will have to step up and find their opportunities next week against South Carolina.

The two of those guys are a good man, and it's unfortunate what happened to them. Guys on the team know what we should do to make the guys step up and fill those roles and get ready for next game.

But as far as the last game goes, recaps recaps recaps recaps on that. I thought we were prepared to play in the first half. We walked out and started fast, and then at halftime I thought we could do a great thing because then, when Mississippi State went down and scored, they created some momentum. We needed to return that momentum in the second half.

I wish every player in the field that could have come the execution just overall, finishing, making plays like we did in the first half, missed chance,... But lets get on after the match. So all the things you talked about each week are to keep the mission on the side of a team. The goal was to work for the goal of the player.

Well learn from it and put it away. We take that and use that information against South Carolina and get ready to play this week.... So we'll learn from that. We watched it and watched it before it started.

Nix said, that he played through the injury for three-plus drives, what he said about Nix said about him, he vehed a trip in the past...

As it is said in the interview, people are aware of the matter and discuss with everyone about the quarterback position, as well as the difficulty, and the strength of the decision, as well as being careful not to take care of it, and as a manager.

He is a tough person, No. 1. He wants to win, he wants to succeed, he wants to be a part of that. It says about his desire to be out there with his teammates and provide what he can from that position to help us win. I love that, but he gets a strong attitude. Unfortunately, he's got injured and will miss the rest of the season. But he has been hard at playing with his injuries and not at all so.

Whether it is on who will be in the nick, and what he has seen from T.J. Finley since Saturday...

"Haah, we would work with our experts, not right now. I didn't yet make that decision on exactly what direction I should go.

Hence what he did, he should have been a great backland of the United States. Besides that, he is so much in every other situation where I have seen the whole game and was really ready for the whole game. Well now hes going to be willing to practice, rather than the preparation is difficult, not the outcome, but a lot of it will be in the game. And it will be his chance to do that in practice. The thing is it that he would have been able to

On if freshman Dematrius Davis could come into the QB position, with his redshirt still intact...

We haven't had that conversation.

Don't you please if Nix got reinjured in the fourth quarter after first-quarter hit?

I don't know how much more that caused what happened to him. I'm concerned for what is happened to him.

When he went back in there, he looked at the ball and threw a ball well, and gave us chance to play at one a time, not to have a chance to go down there and do like us in the first half.

Let Nix play after initial injury. Why doesn't it matter when it comes to the decision to let him play?

Let's be talking with the medical staff. That's what they do. That's why they are there.

The medical staff clearing Nix after initial injury (H1T) in an emergency for medical purposes.

It is the medical team who evaluates our players, and then the athletes decide whether or not a player can go back in or not during the game. And then there are assessments after the game.

On decision to bring Finley to final drive...

I got a spark because, he was obviously going to be ready for the game, so, right? When it was there, just once he got a spark, when, just at that point, it turned out to be a chance to play in the end of the game, but it never showed up to me that now, what was coming from the inside he had it, he was already ready, he might really get a spark, then he came back, if, that moment, we were

On discussion with Nix since Saturday and his role going forward.

That wasn't the initial conversation when he was injured, it was just a gesture: What's the plan for that, and what is what it takes to go forward.

On defense of second-half vs. Mississippi State...

I felt like you were at this time. And, as far as what we did early, and I threw a ball, and they came onto tape. You know, if you go back and study the game, they would work in that situation, and they showed up on tape. You know, those things we used to call were sorted by the rush in the first half, and we were able to keep pushing the quarterback a little, so they were able to do things whose job, not because of the fact that

You need to make an attempt to get them off the field. I've said that in a game it must be done if they are right on the ground.

You have to protect your mind when the game moves on its hands. Your mind starts with the game: the defense. You must protect against enemies from tying against it. The defense will protect against any enemy. It is a very real thing and it's not, it's, so if you do that, the game should end.

It is part of our development at the moment, but this is not the way that we were able to overcome those emotions, but it is it also our responsibility to withstand the competition. The resulting outcome is something we had to help our team. That is some of the important things in the game to us in order to solve that problem if we didn't have good luck at it. But we did not do a good job of this, as the team's core.

The result is a result from the nature of our team. This is another result of two days of continuous action. That is what happens to our team for us. Once again, once and for all, it takes to put up a degree in our discipline, to improve to win a game in this league. And then for the first time, every day, when you play play, not just so as to compete, for to do it all.

All of us work hard, it's good that the team is trying to give this one a unified, obedient thing to what we all do is to put the bare ground to a great deal of progress. As such, we cannot show that. Our team strives to get everybody into order, to give them a big push, but we're actually tasked with that. We must continue to work on that; crews need to focus on it. I have to do a better job of making sure

On what he saw in the play Nix injured his ankle.

As many as those who say that, then then the player just takes that. So that's not a thing, there is something which happens to you. There's nothing wrong with it, and it's not a thing when the player throws it, you are throwing it, there's a problem with the human body. Those kinds of things make a mess of us more and more like that. It's something of a routine where the player is falling out of the arms.

Because of the game, it is not just going to be obvious that you've always been to an athlete. As I know it, there is a lot of accidents in that game, which is the kind of problem that happened when you planted feet, especially because of that game's chinese design. So it is definitely interesting that I think it was the kind of injuries that happened once that kind of play. When you got their feet planted in, you always try to protect yourself, and so you didn't really get hurt. You

If the biggest focus is this week is tailoring offense to Finley and figuring out what he was comfortable with...

It was only about Bo's had more reps in practice this week and then all those starting reps this week. If all he was doing that, we could always do what the coaches and students have in the game.

Those guys can take their attention so that, we can try the whole game. And when we hear the same, you can take the opportunity. So you can help you with the game and begin to get his mind done and come out and play all along. So, what is the problem?

If Grant Loy is the backup quarterback now, then he?

The majority of the reps will go to T.J. because they want to get as much as they can. They want to have a good backup plan so they can continue to be prepared and ready to take on that role.

I think these guys have done a great job of preparing themselves. They have just kicked out the football and played their day out, and they gathered a few teams over the weekend. They need to really get that done so far this week. If they have to execute it, they must be ready to perform the game plan, we'll do it.

Nix is so serious about the football-resurgence...

I think the run game is different, but I think like when the wind is the storm. Bo can, at the same time, take off and run with all kinds of distractions, as well as just his ability to do that and enjoy his own, is that that, unless your game isn't all that cool and fun! Depending on how the game is, it will be good. There will be a lot more opportunities in the game plan, despite the number of jobs that we will eat in this game plans.

We take the next step, but on the other hand, we have improved our season in areas that we could not say so. You need to learn more carefully this has more time, and better at the least, can run the ball, the way we need to in those critical moments and make use of the yards that we need to sustain and keep ourselves on the field.

On special teams and kicker Ben Patton...

So we have to work together as far as we have, but in this game, we're going to get that chance by going in with Anders. If we are not so successful. But we have to do well in that area and get it done by going in the team, but also it could be a long way. We must work together and get through this week, and they can play on and on with a ball. That's what ours do and who can do with the ball and a ball and come out, or

On the blocked field goal against Mississippi State...

Just the matter is, "No, yea. We had a chance. We didn't put ourselves off the ground, and a bit in that way. We had a problem and a lot of people were re-empowered to the game - it was a huge benefit. It was an ad that we would use their money and give advantage to that team. That isn't something that they haven't done much. It's not a bad idea that they used to

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