Jackson native died in an airplane crash of Beaver Island in honor of the loss of a fearless star athlete's brain

Jackson native died in an airplane crash of Beaver Island in honor of the loss of a fearless star at ...

Adam Kendall played the soccer field for Jackson High School in a district championship win in 2001 and then stepped up his former coach's role in 2002.

He was a smart player who read well the field, said ex-coach Jim Flack. He was a strong starter with no fear on the field and in life.

And Kendall, 37, a Jackson native, and his wife, Kate Leese, 35, were killed Saturday, Nov. 13 when their plane crashed into Beaver Island, where the couple had just settled in hopes of starting a winery together.

According to the official, "the pilot did not understand" the story of the accident, his daughter, Laney Perdue, who was only in the collision, told authorities her father protected her as she went down the plane.

My Father protected the 11-year-old survivor on the missing-in 11 as a plane crashed on Beaver Island, Michigan, as a plane smashed into the state's Beaver Island.

It was a shock to everyone when we heard what happened.

After graduating from Jackson High in 2003, Kendall pursued a career as an attorney like his father, Robert Kendall III, and grandfather, Robert Kendall Jr.

According to Kendall's website, After earning his law degree, Kendall focused on commercial and corporate law in the Marcoux Allen law firm in Jackson. His father works as vice-president, according to the Linkedin page.

He later started practicing law in Seattle, Washington before being the counsel of EnergyComps, then founded his wife The Kinetics Company (whose focus is on energy and infrastructure).

When Kendall and Leese were last traveling the United States recently, they opted to settle down on Beaver Island to start a vineyard and winery, with the stories showing the couples adventures just days before the fatal accident.

We saw the story a few days ago, and were excited for them, Flack said. It was just sad what happened to a great couple.

The funerals are awaiting.

The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the accident a week ago. The crash was reported at about 1:30 p.m. Saturday at Welke Airport on the remote island of Lake Michigan, which is south of Charlevoix.

As far as the loss of my wife and my father, my brother and my aunt, Christina Perdue said. They gave great bear hugs and protect our daughter.

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The plane crash on Beaver Island killed 4 people, and killed four in the plane crash, killing 4 people.

According to the police, 11-year-old girl who survived a plane accident at Beaver Island is the sole survivor of the plane crash, a police said.

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