A $800k in federal COVID relief funds will buy a new fire engine for Jackson and a new locomotive

A $800k in federal COVID relief funds will buy a new fire engine for Jackson and a new locomotive ...

- The Federal COVID-19 relief funds are being used to buy a new fire engine for the Jackson Fire Department.

The Jackson City Council approved the purchase of a 2021 Pierce Enforcement fire engine in the Tuesday Nov. 9 meeting. The city received roughly $32 million from American Rescue Plan Act and will allocate $700,000 of these money to the purchase of the new fire engine.

The building is now in the works, said David Wooden, an attorney for the Jackson Fire Department.

Both have been set to a reserve status, they have each plus 15 million miles on them and had mechanical issues, she said.

He said that "the dependability isn't there, and the maintenance cost eats us up."

This new engine is designed to get the entire crew to a fire and to get the department to complete its needs, said Wooden.

The new engine is expected to arrive early next year, so the 1995 and 1997 fire engines could be decommissioned and sold, Wooden said. A 2003 pumper engine will be moved to reserve status, leaving the department's front-line equipment as the new engine, a 2018 Pierce tower and a 2016 Pierce engine, he said.

The engine has actual cost of $635,000 to purchase, with the rest of the money going toward its equipment, including radios, hoses, poles and axes, said Wooden.

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