Taylor Decker says that the "negativity" surrounding my name all year long, has been (expletive)'

Taylor Decker says that the "negativity" surrounding my name all year long, has been (expletive)' ...

Taylor Decker broke his silence and boy told him something was to say.

He has remained silent for the first time since suffering from a finger injury during the week leading up to the season opener against San Francisco. He had played eight games since his injury during which there were open speculation about whether he should be traded; perhaps some of them also thought that he missed the time and not much time with the injury.

Decker heard all about his toughness, his position and even his future in Detroit, but he heard all about it, so as if he had to talk to his friends and family at a moment, to kill speculation that he might be traded. And when he finally got the chance to play his season debut on Monday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, he sounded off.

I've played a lot of football here and I think that I have better played. That's that. "In every day I feel like the negative narrative that surrounds my name, that isn't that for me. I see that many people inside the building, especially the people I have for the world and so in the end, I feel like I have been bull(expletive)"

That was that. Decker spent 10 minutes trying to explain the pain he suffered in practice and his future in Detroit.

In a game, we should start with the basics. Decker fractured his finger just four days before the opener against the 49ers, the specialist said that the injury required five screws and a plate, and he underwent surgery to regain mobility in three months.

In contrast, there were only six weeks left when his hand felt like a knee injury. Although with all the metal in his hand, he'd retreated, forcing him to shut down for a couple more weeks.

The reason for that is that, and the swollen and lost a lot of mobility in my hand, so we were going to try again, to get the new ones back on our horizon.

After the workload, Decker spent a few weeks working his way back, then activated to keep moving, regaining momentum. Bye, and returned to practice last week, Detroit was making his season debut on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

His run blocking lasted a lot of time with the Steelers. He didn't feel like anyone thought it would be a success, but when a hand of his left hand remains a work in progress, he allowed only one hit and didn't concede a sack.

Decker said, I think my strength is 50 pounds from my left hand, so there's a large discrepancy between the two, said.

Decker was told in the end he'd be ready to return in 3 months. He made it back in two and played well despite certain physical limitations.

Yet he still saw speculation from some -- mostly on sports radio and the internet -- about why he was never told an entire point; And he still saw evidence from one side of the line about why he wasn't at all missing, and he was still worried about that.

The real world is that it is hard to have one finger, without a second and then if you don't have one finger and a pinky to grab people with weights of 275 pounds and run a 4.6, um. Those are hard to do. That's hard to do.

There is talk of whether the Lions should just trade Decker rather than bring him back and play him with Penei Sewell. That never made sense. But that is his passion, and this is a very promising rookie season, but has two different young players, each with the under contract in 2024.

The speculation started to get mixed up with the possibility that breaking the idea of a split never made sense. Decker was disoriented about the speculation.

Even though I'm not in a state of the realm of being a Detroit Lion, I was surprised not to be a Detroit Lion this year, so I decided to call it a game, just because I want to know, and the truth, that I would like to be an old man, and feel like I was not a lot of time.

I don't feel like it was deserved, whatsoever.

He's still in the position of a foreseeable future, with three years on his contract beyond this one.

This is one of the club's best assets: Sewell and Ragnow, and the offensive line is the club's best asset.

Yet some still wanted Decker out of town.

I have always been like where did that originate. We have a high-performing business, are we compensated well for what we do, and we will be investigated 100%, Decker said. But I havent played a snap on the field all season, and over the past few years, I played pretty high, of course, so I was just like, Where's that coming from?. When does he start playing? We smubbed you from the ground for the very

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