The college of public health on Nov. 15 went back into the week of Nov. 15 in the class COVID-19 roundup for the state of Saginaw, Bay and Midland

The college of public health on Nov. 15 went back into the week of Nov. 15 in the class COVID-19 rou ...

The most recent COVID-19 case totals reported in the Saginaw, Bay and Midland counties are the recent ones from the primary school district.

Birch Run Area School:

Bridgeport-Spaulding community school district:

Carrollton Public Schools:

Chesaning Union Teachers:

Frankenmuth School District:

Freeland Community Schools District: a freeland community elementary school district.

Public School District of Hemlock:

Merrill Community Schools:

Saginaw Public Schools:

Saginaw Township Community Schools:

School of Life at St. Charles academies:

Swan Valley Secondary School District:

The Public Schools in Bay City Public Schools

Bangor Township schools

Public schools Essexville-Hampton are Essexville Public Schools.

Pinconning School District, Pinconning, district School District District.

Midland Public Schools and City Schools are the Midland Public Schools.

Public Schools with Meridian Public Schools were credited to Meridian Public Schools.

Bullock Creek schools are the primary schools for bullock Creek schools.

Coleman Community Schools are community schools.

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