With Dino Newville, Rocky Smith agree on real winner of Last Call at 61 bout, at which he will win the 61th match

With Dino Newville, Rocky Smith agree on real winner of Last Call at 61 bout, at which he will win t ...

After he completed his recent exhibition bout at the DeltaPlex Arena in Walker, Dino Newville picked up his 10-year-old grandson.

Newville, 61, went four rounds against Rocky Smith in Muskegon on Friday, marking the first time he has competed in 21 years.

After this fight, Newville said that enough is enough. That fight was definitely going to be his last.

He made a promise, and he promised to keep it.

His grandpa said, Papa, don't fight anymore, said Newville, who claimed the world kickboxing championship he had won four world kickboxing championships during his career. I didn't like the idea of my grandpa getting hit, and therefore I'm not doing it anymore. I promised my grandson I would never fight again.

It rained 21 years later why Dino Newville became an unison in the boxing rings.

The first fight in the Nov. 6, 2021, which was called Last Call at 61, was not taken up because of an exhibition, and therefore no winner was declared. Newville and Smith can debate who won, but agree on who the real winner was. All proceeds of the competition will go to support the youths at their respective boxing centres, Blues Gym of Grand Rapids and the Muskegon Boxing Club.

The children need that. "We did that for the kids," said Smith, 62. His most recent fight was 18 years ago. "Our kids should be all good. I have a small gym in Muskegon, but it requires money to run that stuff.

The kids are real winners. Dino and I had fun. Everything went well. It was awesome.

Smith is a Hawaiian born who has the nickname Hawaii Nightmare. He fought for the amateur and fought in the Toughman Contest.

The newville gym is a faith-based non-profit organization, which proceeds will be put into the Blues Gym second floor learning center.

Newville said, Rocky, having a similar vision as me and wants to help children out, has a lot of ideas that I have with his kids in Muskegon, and I agreed that the real winners are the kids. We did a good show and now I'm done.

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