24, a man charged with a murder in Kalamazoo, 24, charged with first-degree murder on a jury jury trial

24, a man charged with a murder in Kalamazoo, 24, charged with first-degree murder on a jury jury tr ...

KALAMAZOO, MI A Kalamazoo man accused of murder is getting ready for the jury trial.

Tuesday Nov. 15, 1989, a preliminary exam was given for Maliek Rasheid-Rodney Hargrave, 24, a day before the Kalamazoo county district judge Kathleen Hemmingway and a preliminary examination.

The District Court, in Kalamazoo, arranged a complaint to have the case investigated. Upon an examination, the county prosecutor said there was enough probable cause for a crime.

Hargrave accused of shooting Jason Whetstone, 18, on Oct. 2 at the 100 block of East Maple Street.

Someone, 18, stabbed in Kalamazoo at his home, had killed his girlfriend, when he was shot and murdered. His wife, shot and killed himself in front of the dead men, records say.

That is a questionable case, it isn't black and white, said prosecutor Donald Sappanos.

Hargrave is a member of a gang called 103 Belmont or Belmont Boys, witnesses said. Whetstones girlfriend, Giana Lambert-Coleman, admitted she was the one who tried to speak.

She said Whetstone wasn't involved in a gang and that Hargrave was concerned that he wasn't involved in the rival gang.

Hargrave and Lambert-Coleman attended school together since elementary, she testified. When she was asked if Whetstone was involved in a gang, she testified.

She said she was drunk, and the conversation was aggressive. She said she was pushing Hargrave away and said that he would talk to her when she was sober. She said she didn't remember if Hargrave was drinking.

When he shot Whetstone, Hargrave jumped up close, was killed at the scene. "I don't know what it means but that he was looking at Whetstone.

Lambert-Coleman said that she didn't recall how Whetstone and Hargrave were in close proximity before the shooting.

I don't remember in detail for what was going on that night. I didn't remember what I'd recall, one said. I have no memories of what I didn't remember. I'm still in shock. I didn't remember that night as he shot his eyes and was dropping his eye on the ground when I was standing with his boyfriend. I wasn't doing anything but that; I apologized but it was strange. I hadn't even remembered a detail for what was on that night. I remember

Whetstone died once in the neck and the bullet went through his right carotid artery and pushed onto his back, testified the Deputy Medical Examiner Dr. Joseph Prahlow.

He tested his testimony he heard loud noises and went to his porch on the night, looking out for a gun. He said that he saw a black man with a gun and he couldn't see his face. He described his appearance as a white hoodie, but a slim fit - from five feet to six feet, the 8-inches that he had seen in the area, and he dressed in a white hoodie.

A crowd of about 10 people were there. When he came to the shelter of an opine, someone told him to pounce on the gun he held at his side.

The neighbor testified that, All I saw was near his side, and the next thing I noticed was a bang and a flash and the young man slowed down, the neighbor said.

Hargrave was denied a bond and was not granted a one from Mondays hearing.

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