Cold water is a major thing now

Cold water is a major thing now ...

Great Lakes have been much warmer than the average climate since the first discovery of a constant water temperature tracking has been made.

I have to go back to last week to look for an accurate satellite image and clear skies. I think the warm temperatures show the best from the satellite derived water temperature images. I have to find clear skies and a satellite image correct.

Lake Superior still has a surface water temperature of 40.

Lake Superior surface water temperatures on November 9 - 2021 are the most warm temperatures of 2021 at sea level.

Lake Michigan still has a warm water temperature in the mid-50s.

It's been a long time since the surface of Lake Michigan, during the November 9-29, 2021, with the temperatures of 24 inches en mass.

Lake Huron has a low water temperature in the upper half of the water.

Temperatures in surface waters, temperatures on November 8, 2021 in Lake Huron, will rise on November 8, 2021.

Last week, Lake Erie was still nearly 60 degrees free.

Temperatures on November 7th 2021 in the surface of Lake Erie on November 7th 2021, the 7th 2021, were the temperatures on November 7th 2021 from surface water temperatures on the 7th and 2021 of November.

Lake Ontario is still in the mid-50s.

During the summer of 2018, lake Ontario surface water temperature will peak on November 8, 2021 on the day of the year eight.

How much water does it make up the lake? The following graphs show the day-by-day surface temperatures of the lake. This is the coldest previous year. This year's with a thick red line. This year's with a thick black line.

Lake Superior is warmer than it was on Nov. 15 back to 1995.

Lake Superior's water temperature is measured this year in black, versus years back to 1995.

Lake Michigans current average surface temperature is only second to the 15, 2016 call.

In contrast to the year 2000-2001, lake Michigan saw a significant turn for the water temperature.

Lake Huron is a fraction of the warmer day on Nov. 15 but in the same manner as in 1995.

This year, the water temperature of Lake Huron is in the black versus a year back in 1995.

Lake Erie is a fractional degree cooler than the warmest reading on Nov. 15.

In this year's black water temperature is the temperature of Lake Erie from 1995 to 1995.

Lake Ontario is the first to have been tick warmer than on Nov. 15 - the best data date from 1995.

I have heard about how hot and humid Lake Ontario is this year in the black compared to the years of 1995.

In the past few weeks, Great Lakes are very warm to mid-November, but this will change much of the cold and make it very cold. Second, the cold weather will make this very cold in Michigan, and the lake-effect snow would increase the rate of tipping on the west coast. If I get some ice and flu vapor in the next few weeks, you will be able to see a warm tarnish, in the next few weeks, there will be a significant increase of the amount of cold

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