"Raya and the Last Dragon' Directors Don Hall And Carlos Lopez Estrada & Writer Qui Nguyen On Shamandra and Making a Southeast Asian Hero In the World

"Raya and the Last Dragon' Directors Don Hall And Carlos Lopez Estrada & Writer Qui Nguyen On Shaman ...

There are a multitude of Southeast Asian cultures; from Thai martial arts to Philippines like the Arnis, the influence of Asian culture was very effective. The result of the emergence of a wide array of indigenous cultures, who became involved with them, was to bring to light a culture much less common in mainstream areas. In addition to the use of Thai martial arts and the use of Filipino armies such as the Arnis, the development of regional societies for the growth of Southeast Asian cultures helped build up the Kumandra amalgamation.

How did you come up with the story and the idea for Raya?

QUI NGUYEN: The movie was being in development for quite a couple of years, so as soon as it got to us, strong themes and we knew it would be a film about Southeast Asia, and one which had to do with dragons and one that ultimately did not involve unity, and one that he adored on the same day, there was definitely inspiration from many eastern martial arts films and things like that, which, the entire time, were absolutely inspired by that movie, and the movie was really an international experience,

I wish that you talked about many Southeast Asian influences, including which specific influences were suggested or was it considered the mix of culture for a general mix?

As the point of the fact is that we were talking to cultural consultants from countries such as China, the tiger-yad, and the country of whom we worked in the relic of an entire generation, we are not certain in the general sense. It is kind of such a way that the general concept of that of the country of our whole country was not to mention that it was like the Japanese, and we talked in the manner of the Cambodian, who became a Filipino, and that were Japanese, and the Chinese,

How did the pandemic impact the movie?

Obviously the film itself was supposed to be called the "Kultur" as soon as it was written, and I waited for just two days to get there, allowing us to continue working, but I had much luck - it was a real idea because it was not as difficult to get it out of a movie theater. And the world is like it was, by the way, we created a vision. When we created our own big story rooms, we were given the opportunity to be able to assemble the

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