Meta expanded fundraising efforts on Facebook, Instagram and Giving Tuesday

Meta expanded fundraising efforts on Facebook, Instagram and Giving Tuesday ...

Many ways to give back this holiday season are available.

The company said it's expanding its fundraising efforts and features, including a new "Giving Exchange" feature in the Neighborhood section of the Facebook app, and a Giving Tuesday tournament on Facebook Gaming, which raises money for nonprofits.

Giving Tuesday is a week from the shopping day of Saturday, which is a day for people to give back to their community. Meta said it will also match up to 8 million more money to eligible charities on Facebook for Giving Tuesday.

The company's new donations and fundraising features enable Meta to highlight how it connects people to build communities around shared causes and goals. Facebook has now dwindled in response to a whistleblower leaking thousands of internal documents about Facebook's potential harmful impacts.

The holiday season is time when many of us think about how to restore something.

Teams of games creators will go live in Warzone on Facebook Gaming to raise funds for giving Tuesday.

Meta announced that it's also expanding the number of nonprofits that people can fundraise for on Instagram, which allow people to earn more than 1.5 million dollars for each other. And as part of Instagram's 11th birthday, a virtual reality will be matching three creators' donations with up to 50 for each donation Tuesday.

It's partnering with other companies like Twitter to raise money for Black Businesses on Black Friday. The company said that it will also bring back #BuyBlackFriday, a campaign created last year to support Black-owned businesses on Black Friday. The company said that it'll also bring back #BuyBlackFriday, an initiative created last year to encourage black-owned businesses on Black Friday.

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