New Jersey reports 1 147 cases of COVID, 4 deaths. Positive tests rising again as the holidays arrive

New Jersey reports 1 147 cases of COVID, 4 deaths. Positive tests rising again as the holidays arriv ...

New Jersey on Monday reported 1,147 COVID-19 cases and 4 confirmed deaths as the states daily positive tests have again started to increase following the continuing decline of two months.

The governor has urged residents as holidays approach to getting the coronavirus vaccine boosters shot. He told the state to expand and ease the eligibility for boosters in the coming days.

A number of people are important between now and holidays. If you dont have a problem, then have the darn booster.

The month-over-month comparison has improved since Oct. 1. The three-day average for positive tests on the day of the Garden State's test has increased to 1,386, up about 30% from the week ago and to 5% from the month ago. Thats the first time the monthly comparison increased since Oct. 1.

The total transmission rate increased to 1,04 while over the weekend, where there was 1,0 ppm remained over the weekend. The transmission rate indicates that each infected person is passing the virus to at least one other person.

Currently 690 patients were hospitalized with confirmed (626) or suspected (64) coronavirus cases reported at New Jerseys hospitals.

In the 24 hours spanning Saturday night, 84 patients were discharged by ambulance, with 134 hospitalized, 63 on ventilators.

Murphy noted that statewide hospitals now are nearly three times more expensive than their a year ago. The hospitalizations have now just begun a year ago, when the vaccines were not available.

He said he was given the vaccines because we survived the terrible delta variant.

The annual positive score for the statewide tests conducted Thursday, the most recent day of a week, was 4,888,88%.

The probable deaths, which are revised weekly, increased Monday by one fatality.

The state has the third most coronavirus deaths per capita in the U.S., behind Mississippi and Alabama.

New Jersey has reported 1 065 588, out of nearly 16 million PCR tests conducted since the last ten million case is made March 4, 2020. New Jersey has also reported more than 159,940 positive antigen or rapid tests considered probable cases.

The delta-type of the virus, more contagious than the previous variants, represents 100% of all cases circulating, a state Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli said.

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More than 6.1 million people who live, work or study in New Jersey a state of about 9.2 million residents have now been fully vaccinated. Nearly 7.6 million people in the state have received at least one dose, and around 906,000 people have received third and third doses or boosters.

A total of 47,559 cases filed against fully vaccinated people were reported on Monday, compared to the 1 0827 hospitalizations and 279 death cases, but the percentage of cases represents a small percentage of cases.

From Oct. 25 to 31, the state reported 10 303 positive tests. Of those, 2,003 were from fully vaccinated people and eight hospitalizations ensued, and the death occurred in seven74 units and 113 people were in no hospital.

Together, the total numbers prove the ability of the vaccines to keep you safe, Murphy said.

People aged from age 18 or older to be eligible for a booster after two months of first two shots of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine.

That covers about 4 million residents.

Until the holidays are over, Murphy said just hours after New York City changed its rules to allow a person with other qualifications to jump, "To some extent we need the number of people who get boosted as easily as possible."

Murphy says N.J. will likely expand and simplify COVID vaccine booster eligibility soon, says Murphy.

According to the state, at least 47,390 children aged 5-11 are randomized to vaccine with vaccine unless federal authorities approved the Pfizer treatment for that age group using the Pfizer injections.

This year, there has been 160 students and staff in New Jersey in-school stings, bringing to 860 cases last week, according to the state. These numbers are cumulative and don't reflect active infections.

There are three or more in-school school outbreaks, which state report weekly, as are identified at school levels. Each cas identifies a total number of events from the teacher to the students while it is done. The number of cases referred to in school is not sufficient if the total number of incidents is shattered among teachers, children, teachers or students and are not included.

Although a multilayered approach to classroom safety is lacking, these numbers are extremely important, as well as the current requirement for uniform masking.

Among the 21 counties listed as having high and substantial transmission rates, eight are listed as having substantial transmission, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC recommends that all people in the high and substantial transmission counties use masks regardless of vaccination status.

The state's emergency response rate was 657 current, and 547 currently attended the nursing homes and other long-term care centers.

Since Monday, more than 253 million COVID-19 cases have been reported across the globe, according to Johns Hopkins University, with more than 1 million people have died in a result of the virus. The U.S. has reported the world's most cases (plus 47 million) and more than 763,000 people have died of that virus than ever before.

In the United States, over half a million vaccine doses were administered on the globe.

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