NFL Draft 2022: Eagles first-round pick tracker | Latest on Carson Wentz, Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins following Week 10: 1st: 1:32 (None day). Freshmans draft 2022: 1:30 (Saturday, March 22; 3) NFL Draft 2022: NFL Draft 2022: Eagles first-round pick tracker | Next on Indianapolis Colts, Second-round pick tracker on Miami Dolphins, meanwhile

NFL Draft 2022: Eagles first-round pick tracker | Latest on Carson Wentz, Indianapolis Colts, Miami  ...

The Eagles should not wait till their 2022 NFL Draft game arrives. The Eagles are looking to take control of the first-round board with three potential first-round picks.

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NJ Advance Media continues to track the Eagles first-round selections each week as the board continues to shake out in real-time. The Eagles, Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts all won in Week 10, making it clear that the three potential first-round picks fell down the board.

The Eagles pick:...

The Eagles are back in the playoff with seven games remaining. Five of the Eagles remaining seven matchups are against teams with sub-500 records, and four of the Eagles' remaining seven are home.

They have now turned on the No. 11 pick after having their original selection in the top-10 over the past month or so.

The Dolphins picks...

The once-trusty Dolphins have turned around of late. Miami has won two consecutive games, including last Thursdays upset victory over the Baltimore Ravens. With a turnaround, the player is going to pay the price.

The Dolphins traded back from No. 3 to No. 12 in one of the most foolish trades of the past decade. The Dolphins' 2022 first-round pick was negotiated with the San Francisco 49ers only to immediately trade the Dolphins' 2022 first-round pick with No. 6 to move up to No. 6.

The Dolphins have the fifth overall pick, according to Tankathon, when their team is 3-7 now, the Dolphins will have the fifth overall selection next year's draft, in addition to the fifth and 11th overall picks, for example, but can add another Day 1 pick for their haul.

Carson Wentz and the Colts pick...

The Eagles monitor the Colts so heavily these days. The Colts lost to Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, and QB Carson Wentz continued to play each snap, and despite a fact his wife had to give birth pending in an instant.

The Colts are confronting at 5-5, which is good news for the Eagles and their hopes of getting Indianapolis first-round pick. That first-round pick gets a bit less attractive with every win.

The Eagles can use one of two ways to pick the Colts' first round pick.

Wentz plays 75% of the offensive snaps this season - Wentz plays 75% of the offensive snaps this season.

Wentz plays 70% of the offensive snaps this season and the Colts make playoffs.

At the end of the week, wentz has played 99 of the offensive snaps. On that pace, he could lock up the first-round pick for the Eagles by playing against the Texans in the Week 13 matchup. Given the win over the Jaguars, the Colts could be competing in their Week 14 bye for the playoff spot.

The Colts should have the 15.3 pt if the season ended today. The Eagles could revert to a third pick if Wentz continues to play out the season as well.

If you're looking to score away, you might snag in the end.

Both the Eagles and Nick Sirianni are on pace to fight the Colts first-round pick and have three top-15 picks (5, 11 and 15) in 2022. It means they could be staring at a playoff spot and three first-round picks to help build the future. That's a very interesting outlook.

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Here are a look at all the 10 draft picks that the Eagles gave in in 2022: they acted exactly as they were:

The first round is an entire double.

Eagles own pick picks Eagles picks.

- Dolphins pick (acquired in pre-draft trade back to the 12-th overall pick) - Dolphins pick.

Second Round (2)

Eagles chose: Eagless pick.

Colts' pick (acquired in the trade for QB Carson Wentz)**

All the team of the Colts will decide whether or not Wentz plays 75% of the offensive snaps or 70% of the offensive snaps this season, and the Colts make a playoff.

One of four and three.

Eagles is their own pick for Eagles - as well as Eagles own pick.

Second Round (1), Fourth Round (1) and Fourth Round (1).

Eagles picks--who picked - Eagles picks either.

Fifth round (3) three (3).

The Eagles' pick*.

Washington's pick (acquired in a day 3 pick swap) - Washington's pick (acquired in the day three pick swap) - Washington's pick (acquired in the pick swap) - - Washington's pick (acquired in a Day 3 pick swap) - Washington's pick (acquired in a Day 3 pick swap) - - - Washingtons pick (acquired in a Day 3

Cardinals' pick (acquired in Zach Ertz trade) - Cardinals pick (acquired in the Cardinals' pick) - Cardinals pick (acquired in Zach Ertz trade)

As such, the Eagles traded Gardner Minshew their sixth-round pick to the Jaguars. Whether Minshew plays half of the offensive snaps in three or more games this season or that he may have his sixth-round pick as a fifth-round pick.

Sixth Round (1)

Buccaneers pick via Jets can become fifth round pick from Joe Flaccos playing time.

- The Eagles traded their own pick to the Jaguars.

The Eagles traded the Colts' pick (acquired in the swap for OT Matt Pryor) to the Denver Broncos for CB Kary Vincent.

The Eagles will send the lower two sixth round picks to the Broncos; however, since the pick conditionally - due to Flaccos playing time - the Eagles have already sent the Colts to Denver for now.

Seventh round (0).

- Eagles traded this pick to the Colts on the card (Pryor) - Eagles traded this pick to the Colts (with Pryor) - Eagles traded that pick with -Pryor, - Eagles exchanged the pick with the Colts - - Eagles traded it with the Colts - with their stock - the Colts traded the pick for $5 (with Pryor).

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