Kane Wommack says the app-state lineman spit on South Alabama player, used racistly charged language, a language that kept him in the hands of a racially charged player

Kane Wommack says the app-state lineman spit on South Alabama player, used racistly charged language ...

KC coach Kane Wommack said that Jaguar offensive lineman Anterrious Gray had a racist, spit of a native and Appalachian State defensive lineman before two players were dropped from last weekend's game.

The Mountaineers defeated the Jaguars 31-7 in Boone, N.C., in the third quarter of the mountaineers' 31-7 victory, Gray threw three punches at App States Caleb Spurlin and then got restrained to play a part in the incident. Ultimately, ESPN+ broadcast footage of the incident wasn't clear, but the two remained silent on camera.

Wommack said he was told by a number of Jaguars players that Spurlin, who is white, racially charged language in Grays direction, and spitting in his face. Wommack said that Spurlin also used an racial epithet in Grays vicinity during or after an earlier play.

He praised a young man who does nothing but do what went well while the team was in play. My biggest problem is that the situation is uncontrolled, Wommack said. Im very disappointed and disappointed at the actions he took during the game, and we don't accept the jiff's actions, so it's unacceptable for the young man to do this, I said. The result is all a small loss for me, who can do what he likes is. We can't

They said, ... There were a number of players who confirm they had a situation where he spit in Anterrious's face. And that was confirmed also by one of their officials, not precisely sure which one.

Caleb Spurlin (97) tackled Coastal Carolina quarterback Grayson McCall (10) during the first half of the NCAA college football game on Monday, Nov. 21.

Both players were ejected from the game for flagrant personal fouls, though it is unclear if Spurlin made a physical contact with Gray during the incident. When he tweeted a press conference on Monday, he stated that he was in touch with Wommack via phone.

Clark said he would like to discuss the Mountaineers game with Troy, but wasn't asked about the Spurlin-Gray incident yet.

Unknown questions remained of the old-fashioned group, that allowed Clark to leave the group and became part of Coastal Carolina's Jamey Chadwell.

Spurlin walks towards Gray after the play, gestures with his right hand near Grays facemask. South Alabama tackle Antawn Lewis attempts to break the loose by pushing Spurlin in the shoulder, then Spurlin gets in Grays face again before Gray punches Spurlin in the facemask.

You can listen to David Schultz via WNSP: "Dynte slick" "We put up a few punches all over" "Wood"

Those of South Alabama's Anterrious Gray suffocated to the rank of Ap State's Caleb Spurlin. pic.twitter.com/I84xk9kYbo, pic.twitter.com/Havedo /soupsass Alabamas Anterrious Gray ejected as was App State's Caleb Spurlin.

I know Shawn Clark, as well as several members of their administration, and they think it is completely unacceptable. We have a great understanding of the manner we operate in the Sun Belt, and that is certainly an inexcusable action.

"The most important thing is that we want Anterrious to know that he supports his teammates and coaches, and that actions like that don't go unnoticed, and certainly that people are accountable for things that have no place in the football game and are very disrespectful"

In real time, the Q&A wasn't able to see the spitting incident happen, but with no racial slurs passed. In reality, Trotter said, if the spitting incident happened, not. He said he didn't notice what any racial dislurs were seen at the press conference.

What happened?' as he was walking towards the door and told me who had spit on me. It is disrespectful. You can not do this in footballs game.

Gray has spent much of the season in South Alabama, and one game is on his side. This season, he has been playing a 5--5 overall and 2--5 play on Sun Belt. He has a second half of that season headed into Saturdays game at Tennessee. The native is now planning to return from North Texas to North Alabama, and will play in the final saturday at Tennessee.

He is in six-years-old hands in the field during his college years, so he has a huge potential for a Burlsworth Trophy, given annually to the top player who started his college career as a non-solarship player. He has played in more than 60 games at the Mountaineers, which are 8-2 overall and 5-1 in Sun Belt play during Thursday's game at Troy.

The NCAA Football Rules Book (the 2121 NCAA Football Rules Book), Rule 9 Section 6 states that flagrant unsportsmanlike conduct dictates that team members shall conduct a video review before the next scheduled game; that team should be able to approve a movie for possibility of additional sanctions before a scheduled game).

A Sun Belt Conference spokesman told AL.com that the league has an scheduled conference call with director of officiating John McDaid Monday morning. Any additional sanctions for the Spurlin-Gray incident will be announced later this afternoon.

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