Hollywood union approves contracts with studios in a close vote

Hollywood union approves contracts with studios in a close vote ...

The biggest union in the United States was the early acceptance of new three-year labor contracts by the major studios, winning pay raises and concessions, and averting a strike in a close vote by members.

56% of delegates representing about 60,000 workers agreeing to the terms. The popularity of the popular vote became much closer, with some workers narrowly opposed their agreement. The combined votes were 50.3% in favor of the combined voting of members.

IATSE has never had a nationwide strike in its 128 years, but many workers faced grueling schedules following Covid-19 closures that kept them working late night and over weekends.

The naive workers agreed to a new generation of streaming products last month; the naive labour force agreed with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, announcing that a strike would be reached if the union's leadership reached a deal last month on the Motion Picture and Television Producers Association, raising the pay and benefits of low payers; and higher pay and benefits for the low-paid workers; and an increase in wages, including for those pushing for the weekend; and work hours, also adjusted

The Alliance represents major studios including Walt Disney Co., Netflix Inc. and Amazon.com Inc.

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