There are 300 students visiting Braintree High School to support racism, officials say. They claim they are working to help justice for everyone, but only to provide racial justice to the poor

There are 300 students visiting Braintree High School to support racism, officials say. They claim t ...

The surge in youth activism on the South Coast spread Monday morning to Braintree. Over the weekend, hundreds of students on the local high school staged a walkout to support racial justice, officials said.

Jim Lee confirmed details of the walkout in a statement released at noon.

While many students returned to the five corners and walked along the street to protest against racism in the community and with support of our country and culture, Lee said via email. There are approximately 300 students who left the building as a peaceful protest against racism, to protest with the help of our nation and the public, Lee told the message message. At the conclusion of this rally, the students finally returned to campus. Some students continued to move to Town Hall, he said.

Three high schoolers have walked out of school, the rally was against 3 other accusations of racism. #WBZ the 4th highest schoolers have argued on board with our union for another alleged violation of the international law.

According to Lee continuing the morning, the main focus of the school administrators was ensured the safety of all students, including those who participated in the demonstration and those who stayed inside. He said the school day was continued without disrupting the schedule, but continued learning at all classes.

As a school, we recognize these conversations are critical and hope to continue discussion about those issues that those students raised their voices today, Lee said.

Students at Braintree High School walk out and gather in the town hall, who say issues of racism aren't being addressed at their school. @NBC10Boston @necn @necn

Lee didn't respond immediately to a Globe inquiry about specific alleged acts of racism in which he was a student at Braintree High.

After the protest, a native, Mona Ammar said protesters felt compelled to take action after the staff and administrations inadequate response to numerous racist events involving students, including students using the n-word, students in the make fun of black teachers accent, as well as other derogatory terms and microaggressions directed at people of color.

Ammar said, They know of this, and they just don't do anything about it.

The Monday demonstration followed an earlier walkout Friday Friday in Quincy, where hundreds of students were left classes soon before school administrators immediately discussed the situation with parents in the wake of a racist video made by a student.

After some time, the protest was still burning. In the beginning of the protest, the protesters, who were chanting: No justice, no peace. In the course of the frank marche, the students were to the police station, City Hall, and then the other elementary school in the citys North Quincy High School, where they circled the building for a moment before the peaceful protest began.

The walkout came just two days after students received a 25 second cellphone video expressing a racial epithet in the face of black people. The video appeared to be circulated by someone who added the words Dont let me catch you on the street along with a first name.

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