Danvers school board is planning to decide the fate of superintendent following hockey misconduct allegations

Danvers school board is planning to decide the fate of superintendent following hockey misconduct al ...

Upon decision Monday night, the school board will consider a proposal for the leave of the embattled Danvers School Superintendent Lisa Dana on administrative leave for alleged racist and homophobic locker room misconduct aimed at the high schools 2019-20 mens hockey team.

The debate over whether to suspend Dana from her post will be decided by the members of committee, amid the soaring demands of some residents and the harsh criticism of the town's sweeping resigning of the case by many others, including civil rights groups, elected officials, and the Danvers Teachers Association.

The Globe first reported the alleged misconduct in September, more than 16 months after the team told the school officials and the police that he had been targeted by the abuse. Then, the Globe, in an online chat, made effort to obtain the details of the alleged abuse, along with questions about the claims, as well as information from the racist, homophobic, and antisemitic texts and images.

According to a Twitter post that doesn't specifically mention Danvers, she wrote: School leaders, athletic coaches and administrators should respond swiftly and be transparent to protect victims.

Danvers officials said they withheld information to protect students' privacy.

Dana, who served as superintendent since 2004 received a contract extension for the past year through 2026, with a base salary of 169 000 dollars. She has previously served two years as assistant superintendent, after eight years as the districts director of math and science curriculum.

The player who reported the abuse said he didn't want to press charges against his teammates but wanted adult whose culture is to protect the students' athletics held accountable.

The coach of the team, Stephen Baldassare, is a prominent Danvers police sergeant, who served for many years as a resource officer of the Danvers High School. He denied knowing about anything about alleged locker room behavior or text chat. He resigned from the coaching job.

Baldassare has now control the school resource department at the center of the case. Several residents have called for him to get to a place outside school because of his former teams alleged misconduct.

In the "Hard R Friday" which is the r, the final letter of the n-word, the alleged victim said that he was imprisoned by two teammates and repeatedly sat in the face with a plastic sex toy. In the "r" referring to the final letter, the n-word, was referring to the final letter.

I have also said a player touched him inappropriately after the team stripped naked and turned the lights off during a locker room ritual called Gay Tuesdays.

The top vote-getters for two open seats on the five-member committee took the lead from the school committees members Robin Doherty and Alice Campbell. The teachers said they wanted to change the rules about the school and the council to the last step of the reform.

The third holdover member, Jeffrey Kaye, defended Danas handling of the incident last week. He said he had unresolved questions about the matter.

The school committee has decided to conduct an extra investigation of the matter last August after residents complained about the school staff's requests from police and schools.

The board hired the attorney, Allyson Kurker, of Kurker Paget, Waltham, to conduct the special investigation, which cost $44,000. Kurker is described as a 'dangerous' associate, and is a 'anematician'.

Our clients appreciate that she's best be able to advise them on prevention measures they can take to avoid litigation, and to litigate tenaciously when a lawsuit can't be avoided, says the website.

Kurker declined a Globe interview request, referring to Dana or David Thomson, who at the time of the school committee was the president.

Thomson said during an interview in April that the board didn't try to cover up the claims of locker room abuse or details of the offensive text chat. Like Dana, the unspecified people had received unspecified discipline after the school's investigation.

We take action, said Thomson. It isn't lip service.

Thomson said, At a time that the school department refused the Globes request for a copy of Kurkers report, we should move beyond it. I had hoping we were at that point.

I'll do it again.

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