Delta College beats the third national competition for the national title

Delta College beats the third national competition for the national title ...

Delta College isn't a solid team.

But coach Damon Amey wants his women's soccer team to remember its the chase not the place that defines it.

Amey added: What is my advice for me is to be honest, and said a person who has already won the national tournament. We will do work, as you are. If the kids bought into, learned and became better people, it would be a good job.

Delta continued to build on its impressive womens soccer resume, finishing second in the nation after a 2-1 loss to Brookhaven of Texas in the National Junior College Athletic Association Division III title game on Thursday in Batavia, New York.

Delta has three finishers and the 2020-21 national title to its credit in the past four seasons as a powerhouse.

Throughout the last three seasons of this year, the two of Delta and Brookhaven met in the championship match, and Brookhaven won in the last season in 2019.

The game-winners got into the first half after a game win.

The game was evenly matched and evenly played throughout.

Two very good teams were formed and each team could have come out the winner, Amey said. When you have the top two teams playing, you know it'll be a battle. They executed and took advantage of their opportunities and that was the difference.

Two players in the tournament came along on the all-tournament team.

This was a great season for the Pioneers. By completing the season as national champions, they continued their winning seasons with the Michigan Community College Athletic Association title and the nation final by playing their record 18-0.

Only the ultimate prize escaped them.

When we enter the door, what is it like before the fire? When we do it, we return again. Our kids will recall how much the kids did, and I'm sure that will fuel the fire, and then it will get better.

I know that, Holy cow, we really did do something special.

The linked results were reported on the same date.

Delta College went by storm from unknown to superpower at national finals in the national finals.

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