Marians Ava Brizard is named Miss Volleyball Miss 2021 for Michigan

Marians Ava Brizard is named Miss Volleyball Miss 2021 for Michigan ...

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. When it comes to focus and determination, Bloomfield Hills star Ava Brizard possess more than most of those traits in a volleyball court. It is rare when her shakes or caught off guard are not used to.

During a school pep rally, a rare moment took place on Monday for Brizard on Monday.

For the rally, Brizard announced that she won the Michigan Interscholastic Volleyball Coaches Association 2021 Miss Volleyball award. When she arrived from the seat to receive the heavy trophy, she covered her face with his hands, with a wave of different emotions.

In Michigan, there are many great players-for the sake of finally listening to the name and knowing it was me, it was an incredible honorand I couldn't ever dream of such a thing.

As far as Serena Nyambio had collected 260 votes from MIVCA members, Brizard praised the award for the winning finalists. The runner-up, Alyssa Borellis finished third with 121 points.

Sarah Sylvester, a finalist and eighth place with 83 points. Having a teammate, Sarah and Sylvester also played, helped Brizard feel honored to play together this season.

When you think that they are two Miss Volleyball candidates, it's always bittersweet because they both can't have the award. If only I could give Sarah half of the award to her because she absolutely deserves it. She's very hard working and has arrived in the gym every day, ready and focused.

She was very much involved in our team for the last four years, and it is simply an incredible player and an incredible person. She deserves it just the right amount of me."

In 2004, Brizard was named the 2020-21 Michigan High School Volleyball Player of the Year by Gatorade. She is now the second winner of the Miss Volleyball award of Marian history, joining 2009 winner Alexandra Cocklin.

Brizard dreams of winning Miss Volleyball as well as being the varsity athlete since she was sixth grade and has already worked extensively to be a candidate for the Miss Volleyball award.

It totally warms my heart and makes me feel all my hard work and dedication over the years has earned me money.

Mayssa Cook noted Brizards dedication and potential from a young age, too.

Cook said that she always trained with kids that were much older than him. No reservations had been made regarding whether she could be able to handle a six-rotation start position as a freshman.

And when Marian wins the state semifinal against Davison, the state championship is played tomorrow. This will be a week of celebrations as Marian wants to defend its Division 1 state title. If Marian wins, it will advance to Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek to play in Thursdays state semifinals to see a chance to qualify for Saturdays state championship match.

I always like being in love with them. It makes me think, however, of all the great time that I have had with these girls and all the memories that we made so I am grateful for this effort. It also makes me want to work harder so that we can end on a high note.

Brizard has 537 kills on 1,022 attacks (440). He has nine4.2 serve percentage and 51 aces for defense; she has 37 total blocks, and second with 364 blocks.

She worked so hard, even though she could be recognized among the best volleyball players, for her colleagues and friends.

To transform Marian into a hardworking and gritty culture, and to become a logical and successful sport. My senior friends have worked the last four years to develop the program that was well-known for its dedication and its enduring application. I want to be remembered for its nature and its enlightenment; I want a degree of excellence in the sport, and I want to be a best player I could be in a best position.

If I wear to leave a legacy on Marian volleyball, it would just be of good sportsmanship and good people.

Miss Volleyball vot results at the election.

Samurysi - 28 points - Ava Brizard, Marian - 260 points - 260 points - 260 points.

Serbiana Nyambio, Detroit Country Day: 141-141.

Alyssa Borellis, Pontiac Notre-Dame Prep- 121, Alyssa Borellis, Prep 121, Alyssa Borellis, Alyssa-

In Lakewood, the Maradith OGorman, 116-122, Lakewood.

Evelyn Doezema, Grand Rapid Christian 90 - 90

Renee Brines, Cadillac - 87.

Sarah Tomlak, Stoney Creek of Rochester Hills - 85, Sarah Tomlak, 45, 85, 85, 85, 85, 85, 85, 85, 85, Sullivan-Changington - 80.

Sarah Sylvester, Marian - 83, Sarah Sylvester - 83, Marian.

Josie Bloom, Pontiac Nrew Dame Pep, 55, Josie Bloom, 55, and Mary Bloom, 55.

Brooklyn Connor, Forest Hills Central - 54

Taylor Humphrey - Byron Center - 49. Taylor Humphrey - 49.

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