Twitter gives app developers free data access

Twitter gives app developers free data access ...

- Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) said on Monday it will expand access to the social networking site's data to help software developers create solutions for better online conversations.

This is an important part of Twitter's growing effort over the past year to decentralize the company, aims to provide more control over what content they see in their Twitter feed or have new ways of sharing content on the site, explained Ash Shevat, Twitter's product director in the development platform.

As with the need to increase developer access, many Twitter, Facebook and other social media companies are confronting widespread scrutiny over how their algorithms surface certain content and their role in allowing misinformation or hate speech to spread.

From Monday to Monday, developers can access access to data on up to two million tweets per month through Twitter application programming interface (API) in no time.

The company expanded its API policy to allow more use cases, including removing restrictions allowing competitors to compete with Twitter, Shevat said.

"I want everyone to have their own curated content that is customized to them," Shevat said. "We can only do this if developers are in on it."

Some examples of software built with Twitter data include Block Party which was founded by software engineer Tracy Chou and allows users to filter content they don't want to see.

Another app built by Janique-ka John lets users more easily search for Twitter Spaces, the company's live audio chat feature.

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