U.S. calls for talks on Yemen's Hodeidah port as frontlines shift to syrian cities

U.S. calls for talks on Yemen's Hodeidah port as frontlines shift to syrian cities ...

The Saudi-led coalition strafed areas south of the port city, where Houthi fighters advanced in the wake of withdrawing coal forces.

The air strikes began on Sunday, the first of which last been the first since late 2018 when the Saudi-backed government and the Iran-aligned Houthis agreed a pact for a ceasefire in Hodeidah and a troop redeployment by both sides that never materialised.

Among the opposition spokesman, General Turki al-Malki said the redeployment must be supported by other fronts and comply with the government's "future plans".

As an example, the sharia-be-aw-hands snarled sen. mingyot embassy, was a member of the UNA/NHMS and the Yemeni government team that involved in the deal had said they had no advance notice. Moreover, the united Nations' re-sumption from the US, in order to do whatever was necessary to avoid the shamato operation - as far as the Red Sea Sea Sea is near. Read

United Nations of Human Rights on Monday said the departure of allies from Hodeida, Al-Durayhimi, Bayt al Faqih and parts of al-Tahita and the subsequent Houthi takeover was "a major shift" in frontlines that would ensure discussions between the parties.

The coalition earlier said it carried out 11 air strikes "inside the areas covered under the Stockholm pact".

There are two sources for military sources saying that the Huiti forces on Monday clashed in the Hays district, south of Hodeidah city, with Yemeni coal forces in the east, the neighboring district where the troops clashed on Sunday, at Al Faza.

The United Nations said the shifting frontlines led 700 families to leave for Al-Khokhah, and 180 families went further south towards Al-Mokha, both under coalition control.

The Saudi military left Aden, the interim government's main base. Read more if the pullback was linked to what the coalition has described as a redeployment in the south. Besides, it was unclear whether it was the pullback of Hodeidah, or the response that it's been taken by the Saudi military of a redeployment led by a group of Saudi forces in a region, is in Aden?

The Houthis took control of the international recognised government in the city of Sanaa, in late 2014, while rebels moved into conflict with Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The Houthis insist the Coalition stepped in to deliver a single agreement but rejected his attempts to negotiate a unilateral solution.


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