The key moments from closing the shooting of Rittenhouse murder trial will be between seconds from closing arguments in a Rittenhouse murder trial

The key moments from closing the shooting of Rittenhouse murder trial will be between seconds from c ...

One week ago, the ten-week-long trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, 18, was capped by lengthy, at times tense court proceedings in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Relative to Rittenhouse's actions in a case which has polarized the United States, the prosecutor and defense lawyers can receive at least one day before the trial to present the defending juror with two-1/2 hours in trial over the controversial facts. read more here.

The prosecution's closing arguments have key quotes and moments to remember. The defense should resume the trial at once.


As a result, a 17-year-old victim killed two unarmed people and injured a third person with an AR-15, the prosecution told the jury. "The case is not against him, he's not against the people who are here from Antioch, Illinois, and are to be served in a district of San Francisco, and he is a former civil war veteran.

If it is more serious to imply that he has so much understanding about the truth, we shall think of this case in a larger case. What his true motivations were for? He went from a car to an electric-acoustic, and he lacked an EMT, and knew that it was just that he was really interested in helping people, so would he know how to get on.

It's hard here now, people polarized, says the prosecutor. "In America, it's hard we are polarized," says the prosecutor. "We've all agreed to raise your hand but you have no choice but to kill someone because they are a drug dealer. But with that, you can't put your arms on the hands of a pastor to the feet of life by a teacher... If they don't weigh your life, we can hold it on because life is sacred."

I think we can also agree that as long as we don't have 17-year-olds running around our streets with a 15-foot radius, this is exactly what happens," Binger said.

"If you were a gungun-fighter," Binger told the jury. "If you're the one who threatened others, you lose their rights to self-defense."


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